MobileIron support for OEMConfig speeds enterprise access to new Samsung platform features

Enterprise management of Android devices has taken a big step forward as customers start deploying Android Enterprise— a modern management framework that provides security and privacy for various Android deployments.

With Android Enterprise, one untapped opportunity that remains is how various Android device manufacturers can meet unique deployment needs. Devices with unique hardware or security controls have previously required custom application programming interface (API) integrations to allow enterprises to configure and manage them.

In late 2018, Google introduced OEMConfig to enable custom security and hardware controls for EMMs and device manufacturers without a need for custom API integration. See our webinar for more details.

Last week, Samsung announced the Knox Service Plugin (KSP), which provides OEMConfig support for the Knox Platform for the Enterprise (KPE). This plugin enables MobileIron customers to obtain zero-day support for new Samsung platform features.

As Android OEMConfig capabilities continue to evolve in 2019, the future looks promising for Android in the enterprise.

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Adrian Kok

Director Product Management at MobileIron