MobileIron Rooms Supports Office 365 As Its First Room Calendaring Platform

In a recent Gartner poll of IT decision makers, 78 percent indicated that they are currently using or planning to use Microsoft Office 365 software and services. That’s a 13 percentage-point increase from Gartner's 2014 Office 365 study.

It’s this adoption that drove MobileIron to support Office 365 as the first system-of-record for conference room calendaring within MobileIron Rooms.

MobileIron Rooms integrates directly with Office 365 to authenticate users, check room availability, and reserve rooms. Existing room calendars, policies, and settings are reused rather than duplicated and managed in another system. Conference Room reservations are sent as Office 365 meeting invitations, which allows MobileIron Rooms to interoperate with Microsoft Outlook and other existing products for user and room scheduling.

Since Office 365 follows the SaaS model, Microsoft itself manages the Office 365 software update process across all multi-tenant customers. These updates occur at a much faster rate than those of legacy on-premises mail and calendaring server deployments. This allowed us to leverage the latest Microsoft technologies in MobileIron Rooms. Instead of having to accommodate a wide degree of deployed mail server versions and nuanced configurations, we were able to focus on the core business logic of the app and deliver a great experience.

MobileIron Rooms is one of the latest examples of the growing Office 365 apps ecosystem, enabled by the rapid adoption of Office 365 and the advantages of its SaaS-based deployment model. As employees increasingly use Office 365 on mobile devices instead of traditional PCs, Mobile First apps like Rooms can increase user productivity at previously unseen levels.

David Barkovic