MobileIron Rooms Introduces Hassle-free Room Reservations

Did you know the average enterprise employee attends more than 60 formal meetings every month? And yet, the pain of conference room scheduling never seems to go away. In most organizations, rooms are scheduled using the company calendaring software, such as Microsoft Outlook or a heavyweight resource management application. Even for simple needs, such as an impromptu team conversation or a private phone call, you have to open your laptop or return to your workstation to search for an available room. How often have you just avoided the whole process by squatting in an empty room, hoping not to be kicked out by coworkers who booked the room in advance?

MobileIron Rooms offers an easier, mobile-centric way to reserve conference rooms

Rooms is a simple, lightweight, cloud-driven iOS app that makes on-the-go room reservations as easy as tapping your mobile device. You can see which conference rooms are available now, with the closest rooms displayed first. If you need a room at a later time, you can easily see what’s available based on your desired time and location. When you find a suitable conference room, there’s no need to run back to your laptop — you can reserve it with a single tap on your iPhone or iPad.

Other great things about the new Rooms app include:

  • A highly visual experience. Instead of using cryptic and often confusing room naming conventions, Rooms displays prominent photos of each room along with intuitive indicators for capacity, equipment, and location. That means you can actually see all the details of available rooms so you can quickly reserve the room that best meets your needs.
  • Seamless integration with MobileIron Core and Cloud EMM. Rooms is easy to set up from a MobileIron web-based console — no on-premises installation required. You can also silently deploy Rooms to end users and automatically restrict access to Rooms if the device is compromised.
  • Complete integration with Office 365 as the system-of-record for room scheduling. Room reservations are performed directly from the mobile device to Office 365, which greatly simplifies administration because existing room calendars, policies, and settings are reused. A reservation made in Rooms immediately appears on your calendar and looks just like it would if it were reserved in Outlook. You can also use Outlook to adjust the reservation because all changes are automatically synchronized with Rooms. As a result, you never have to make meeting changes from your laptop or desktop — you can do it all from your mobile device.

See MobileIron Rooms to discover why room reservations are now easier than ever. Or contact your sales rep to find out how to get the Rooms app for your mobile employees.

David Barkovic