MobileIron Delivers Day Zero compatibility for iOS 14

Organizations want to secure corporate data without having to compromise user experience and the latest iOS and iPadOS releases have great device management capabilities that embed security and user privacy.

I’m excited to share that MobileIron offers day zero compatibility and key feature support across its product portfolio for the following iOS 14 features:

Wi-Fi Mac Address Randomization:

A new critical privacy feature introduced by iOS 14 is Wi-Fi MAC Address randomization. With iOS 14, whenever a device is associated with a Wi-Fi network, it will use a random MAC address instead of the device's true hardware MAC address and the challenge for admins is that they may not be able to associate this MAC address to a specific device. In order to ensure device/user compliance with corporate and regulatory policies, and ability to monitor end user activity, admins can disable the Wi-Fi Mac address randomization setting in MobileIron admin console. MobileIron made this new setting available to customers on day zero.

Screenshot of admin interface showing unchecked checkbox and 'Disable MAC Address Randomization'

Managed Open in supports Shortcuts:

iOS 14 brings in a new feature that will control proprietary data flow using the productivity app called Shortcuts. With shortcuts supported by Managed Open In, admins have the ability to prevent the flow of sensitive enterprise data to unmanaged apps and services. Having the Managed Open In settings already available with MobileIron, customers can take advantage of this feature from day zero of iOS14 release.

iOS phone showing shortcuts alert with managed open in action

eSIM Identifier:

With iOS 14, eSIM identifier is made available in device details for IT admins. This feature simplifies eSIM activation for the customers as Providers/Partners can now retrieve eSIM identifiers from MobileIron’s Device Details API, which will enable seamless activation of eSIM (virtual SIM) using automated device enrollment.

Apart from the above feature support, MobileIron is also working actively to make other new iOS14 features such as Non Removable Managed Apps, Managed Notifications Preview, Set Time Zone available in our upcoming releases so customers can take advantage of the new capabilities.

At MobileIron, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and support. We look forward to helping our customers leverage the powerful updates in iOS 14.

Statements in the blog concerning future product availability and plans are forward looking statements, and they are subject to change. They do not represent a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.

Aruna Kureti

Director of Product Management at MobileIron

About the author

Aruna is a Director, Product Management at MobileIron managing Apple Platforms. She is a technology leader with 18 years of experience defining product roadmaps and go-to market strategies for both startup and large company offerings that reach millions of customers. Prior to joining product management team at MobileIron, Aruna has similar roles leading product and quality engineering along with digital transformations at Dell, Google & VMware. Certified in Strategic Decision and Risk Management from Stanford University.