MobileIron customers are all-in on Apple for business transformation

In Apple’s Q2 earnings call, Luca Maestri stated that Apple’s “products continue to be extremely popular and drive more business transformation in the enterprise market,” without sharing any specific details. Today, Apple released very positive results in their Q3 earnings call, and while Luca continued to withhold information on enterprise share of revenue, he provided several insights on enterprise growth, including corporate customers’ high purchase intent for the next quarter (iPhone 78%; iPad 70%). Apple’s enterprise adoption is not at all surprising to MobileIron as a leading Enterprise Mobility Management solutions provider.

Our enterprise customers are going long on Apple iOS deployments across industry segments and at an accelerating pace in regulated businesses such as Healthcare, BioPharma, Government, and Financial Services. Not surprisingly, all of our customers have iOS devices. Even more interesting is the fact that customers who are implementing mobility to create competitive advantage and introduce new business models are selecting Apple as their platform of choice.

The reasons for selecting iOS for large-scale and strategic deployments are simple:

  • Excellent end-user experience: From a user perspective, mobile workflow transformation in large enterprises requires compelling and focused apps with great usability and near-zero learning curves. The apps and systems integration ecosystem has to be comprehensive, and there is none deeper than Apple’s.
  • A secure platform: The OS and hardware platform must be intrinsically secure. Apple has achieved that and continues to enhance privacy and security capabilities with laser focus. Those strengths create trust at all levels of enterprise decision makers from executives to professionals to hourly staffers.
  • Ease of rapid, large-scale deployment: The main reason for large-scale enterprise adoption is the OS and program level integration that makes Apple platforms the easiest to deploy rapidly, predictably, and reliably to any number of employees, even millions globally, on short notice.

Deploying hundreds of thousands of desktops in a legacy distributed computing environment used to take years. Today enterprises can deploy an equivalent number of Apple iOS devices in weeks. Streamlined large-scale deployment is what Apple has uniquely solved; there is no equivalent, only imitators. Streamlined deployment requires a continuum of system-level integration points and carefully executed programs. Huge companies can now orchestrate the introduction of business transforming mobile workflows and manage their life cycles with minimal if any end-user interaction. Using the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and the apps Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) managed by Apple’s Mobile Device Management framework makes the task so simple that thousands of devices can be deployed to doctors, traders, scientists, or production line engineers in minutes, in just a few steps.

As of Q1 2017, 15-20% of MobileIron’s customers were using DEP to go big with their mobile plans including companies such as Davey Tree Expert Company, St. Joseph Health, and Buurtzorg. All of these customers were managing multiple business applications to transform their business. Over the course of the next few weeks we will highlight a few of these groundbreaking customers who have shifted their legacy operations to a mobile iOS-based architecture secured and managed by MobileIron. To take the next step, check out our guide: MobileIron and iOS: The Security Backbone for the Modern Enterprise.