MobileIron Core 9.0: Top 5 Things To Know

Enterprise information is everywhere: in the datacenter, in the cloud, in mobile apps, on mobile devices, and in motion between them. MobileIron secures enterprise information wherever it lives. The MobileIron EMM platform enables global enterprises to secure and manage modern operating systems in a world of mixed-use mobile devices. It incorporates identity, context, and privacy enforcement to set the appropriate level of access to enterprise data and services. MobileIron Core, the brains behind this operation, just got more powerful in Spring 2016. Here are the top 5 things to remember about MobileIron Core 9.0.

1. Continued momentum on Windows 10 support

While support for Windows 10 has been available on MobileIron Core since late last year, in this latest release Core offers a more consistent experience between Windows desktop and mobile. What this means is that Apps@Work can now be deployed from Core for both mobile and desktop versions of Windows 10, making things simpler overall. Previously, users could only get Apps@Work for Windows 10 desktop from the Windows 10 Store. Now it’s a one-stop shop.

There is also support for new security capabilities such as Edge browser lockdowns, enhanced remote wipe, and more. Edge is the new browser for Windows 10 and now in Core 9.0 admins can restrict saving passwords within the Edge Browser. Admins can now choose to allow or restrict pop-ups from initiating on the device, either from a malicious source or a different setting. MobileIron Core has supported remote wipe on Windows for some time but in Core 9.0 there is support for wipe for all SD cards that are connected to a device at the time that a wipe command is initiated. Any type of peripheral storage that is stored on the device will be wiped in addition to the main device drive. Overall, Core 9.0 now offers a more consistent experience between desktop and mobile and helps address some of the most in-demand Windows 10 use cases.

2. Greater Choice for Admins working with Android for Work

MobileIron Core has long provided support for Android for Work. In the latest release, admins now have more configurable choices and can enjoy greater efficiency. Core 9.0 now empowers admins to enable or disable a Google configuration whereby the user cannot simply do a factory reset on a device and start using it. This is useful, especially in device owner or corporate-owned device scenarios where devices are switching hands. If the receiving user doesn’t know or remember the last credentials used on the device, it has the potential to render the device unusable. With this configurable feature we put the control in the admin’s hands to decide how they want to set up the device. Another update is that now Android for Work apps are automatically updated via Core as soon as there is an update on Google Play. This enhances efficiency all round through automated updates.

3. Greater Efficiency with Enhanced Label Management

Enhanced label management in Core 9.0 greatly improves the admin user experience and delivers greater efficiency. Now, admins can edit a dynamic label effortlessly. No need to delete and recreate the label in the event that a criteria in the label must be changed. These updates, as well as easier label cloning and searches makes label management a breeze and ideally suited for organizations deploying a large number of mobile devices.

4. A More Intuitive Look and Feel for the Settings Tab

Admins have a range of actions to take from the Settings page when setting up and configuring Core. A newly redesigned Settings page makes the experience much more intuitive and efficient. The left-hand navigation has undergone a makeover with a newly segmented navigation list that helps the admin quickly find things and take action. The more granular list elements help admins become more productive instantly and manage their mobility rollouts more effectively.

5. Accelerate Mobile Apps Adoption with a Major Apps Infrastructure Update

Mobile apps are increasingly emerging as one of the key drivers helping enterprises accelerate their mobility journey. Some of the most cutting-edge organizations have deployed over 100 in-house apps. The apps infrastructure update delivers a more scalable and flexible foundation for apps support within Core 9.0. Ultimately, a more flexible and reliable foundation for apps deployment and management within Core allows customers to unlock productivity within their organizations by giving employees secure access to needed mobile apps while they’re on the go!

That sums up the key highlights within MobileIron Core 9.0. All of these updates provide enhanced security, strong multi-OS support, and greater scalability and usability for mobile first enterprises who are transforming their businesses real time.

Abby Guha

Director, Global Product Marketing

About the author

Abby Guha is a 20 year veteran of the tech industry. Before joining MobileIron in 2014, she worked extensively in product and corporate marketing across the enterprise apps, security, and cloud computing spaces in companies such as Oracle, EMC, RSA Security, Nokia, and Symantec. In her current role as Director of Global Product Marketing, Abby develops messaging and positioning for MobileIron’s enterprise mobility management solutions, creates a wide array of sales and customer-facing content, and oversees the complete go-to-market initiatives that bring product to market and subsequently drive success through the right channels. Follow Abby on LinkedIn.