MobileIron + Teamwire: Secure communications for remote workers

Just a few weeks ago, few people might have comprehended what their daily lives would look like today. Around the world, families are staying home as much as possible. Those who can are trying to establish a work-from-home routine while still keeping up with family life and the latest developments to stay safe and secure. Many others are first responders working on the front lines of this crisis every day. In both cases, secure and reliable messaging is absolutely essential to staying in contact with co-workers.

Whether you’re suddenly working from home or a first responder providing emergency services, you might be relying on messaging apps like WhatsApp. Although these kinds of mobile messaging apps are easily accessible and highly efficient, they typically lack adequate security, especially if you’re working in a heavily regulated industry like healthcare or financial services. This means that sensitive data such as IP and personal medical information can be intercepted by cyberattackers looking to profit from valuable data.

The good news is — MobileIron and Teamwire have joined forces to help you quickly and easily establish a foundation for secure communications. Together, we ensure that your business communications and content are completely private and encrypted in an intuitive messaging app. As a result, you and your mobile workforce can focus on securely collaborating with any co-worker, on any mobile device, desktop, or network without sacrificing productivity — whether your digital workplace is at home or en route to an emergency situation.

Register for our upcoming webinar to learn how our joint solution helps customers:

  1. Deliver fast, easy, and secure enterprise messaging across the entire mobile infrastructure.
  2. Leverage MobileIron’s UEM platform for complete app management and security.
  3. Meet strict compliance requirements with enterprise-grade security.
  4. Ensure only compliant devices can access corporate messaging — and either quarantine or remediate non-compliant devices to mitigate the risk of a data breach.


Register for one of our webinars taking place on April 15 at 11am CEST and 11am ET now to learn more about this integrated solution from MobileIron and Teamwire!

Ahmed Shah

Vice President, Business Development, Alliances and Strategic Partnerships

About the author

Ahmed Shah is a business development executive and silicon valley veteran with vast experience in managing technology partnerships. He currently oversees business development, strategic partnerships and technology alliances at MobileIron. Prior to MobileIron, Ahmed held various leadership positions at Cisco, Oracle, TiVo and Neustar. Ahmed has BS and MS from MIT started his career writing code at MIT AI lab.