MobileIron and iOS customers choose Modern Work to deliver a differentiated experience to 100,000s of their customers. 

The votes are in and we’ve got a shortlist of the most transformative examples of Modern Work from MobileIron customers in 2017. There is a trend which crosses verticals — smart teams see customer experience as a disruptive force and are using mobile strategy to implement that change. From mobile-first hotel reception and in-room management to hospital-patient bedside services and fleets of pharmaceutical sales reps armed with digital catalogue and POS apps — everyone is using iPads to improve customer experience. Far beyond the lofty corner office, iOS-based devices and apps are getting in front of customers everywhere.

Regardless of market vertical, customers find that with iOS apps and iPads, little training is required, and all the necessary data to make decisions and transact business realtime is available at their fingertips.

Below are a few of our recently published case studies. See many more here

Pharma sales

Daiichi Sankyo is a global pharmaceutical company and the second largest pharmaceutical company in Japan. Its salesforce needed a secure way to make external presentations to customers using iPads.

Healthcare nursing rounds

Buurtzorg is a Dutch healthcare organization known for its innovative approach to providing in-home medical services. To improve the security, speed, and accuracy of patient recordkeeping, Buurtzorg launched a mobility program by equipping nurses with iPads to take on their rounds to patients’ homes.

Signature HealthCARE is a leading U.S. provider of resident-based healthcare services. To help improve efficiency and quality of care, the company uses more than 5,000 devices to bring personal service right to the patient, speeding up diagnosis and record-keeping.

Market-leading approach to managing iOS devices and securing apps and data

App developer teams are building world-class apps based on iOS and human- centered design UX. With MobileIron the IT Team confidently ensures the right app gets to the right device and employee. All an employee needs to do is turn on the device and start working. It’s a simple-to-use native experience.

Using iOS management frameworks like Device Enrollment Program (DEP) the MobileIron MDM (On-Prem or Cloud), and Access, security solutions, become our customers’ Mobile Mission Control.. Throughout the device and app set up and use the business data is secure on-device and in the backend cloud service. Integrations with our extensive ecosystem of partners such as Lookout for application and network threat protection and Box cloud storage, enable our customers to build a scalable and flexible, mobile-aware infrastructure.

The new normal: IT says “yes” to mobile to deliver high-quality customer experience

We are closing the books on our 10th year of business. We have seen incredible change since we first provided the security IT departments needed to say “yes” to personal iPhones accessing corporate networks and email. Today, Modern Work is achieved with deployments of 100,000+ strong fleets of iPhones and iPads. 2018 will be the year when customers say “yes” to mobile and apps as the new normal for delivering high-quality customer experience solutions across automotive, logistics, healthcare, financial services, hospitality, and retail. And with a Modern Work infrastructure, our customers will be ready to take market share and lead business in their categories.

Fran Thorpe

Director of Business Development, Strategic Partnerships

About the author

Business is both science and art. The right mix of both determines whether a project is funded or a brand becomes a movement. Over the past 15 years I’ve successfully blended science and art to develop go-to-market strategies for mobile sea changes. I led the charge in mobile with apps, messaging, search, maps, and now with security. 

I build strong working relationships with internal stakeholders and external partners. Together we achieve business success. I led the digital team that launched a messaging service that grew from 0 to 20 million users in under 18 months. I identify key features that go from obscure to the product launch headlines. I open new routes to market that result in millions of dollars of revenue.

I am fascinated by what’s coming next. The ability to map content to context, accelerating decision making - human or automated. And at the same time, balancing privacy with the quest for more data. Autonomous driving, digital assistants, smart homes, the revolution has started. It’s an exciting time to be in the revolution-making business.