MobileIron and AGAT Protect Skype for Business on Trusted Mobile Devices

More people are working remotely than ever before — and probably will be for the foreseeable future. Although the ability to work anywhere, on any device can be a great productivity boost, it can also pose serious security risks to business data. For instance, do you know which devices and apps employees are using to access and share business files and communicate with co-workers? If you aren’t securing these mobile devices and apps, there’s a good chance remote workers may be using unmanaged versions of messaging and productivity apps like Skype for Business, which can be freely obtained and installed on any device. What’s worse is that users may download Skype for Business onto rooted, jailbroken, or otherwise compromised devices, which can make it easy for hackers to steal their credentials and traffic malicious software across your network.

MobileIron and AGAT: Better Together

Now MobileIron and AGAT have joined together to help organizations minimize the security risks of Skype for Business while maximizing mobile productivity. AGAT SphereShield is a comprehensive solution for Skype for Business that’s fully integrated with the MobileIron UEM platform. Our joint solution allows organizations to instantly verify and ensure that only compliant devices that are managed by MobileIron can access Skype for Business. If a device becomes non-compliant, all Skype for Business sessions are terminated automatically and access is immediately blocked.

For example, access to Skype for Business may be blocked on a device if the user has removed the MobileIron profile. During the sign-in process, and continuously thereafter, the solution verifies that the device is listed as valid and compliant in the MobileIron core server.

Register for one of our upcoming webinars taking place on Sept. 10 at 11am CEST and 11am EDT to learn how MobileIron customers can leverage AGAT SphereShield to provide simple yet secure access to Skype for Business.

  • Eliminate the risk and hassle of passwords. Allow users to seamlessly authenticate through MobileIron’s Zero Sign-on (ZSO) capability.
  • Restrict registration to MobileIron devices. Prevent users from accessing company data from unmanaged devices or through an unauthorized version of Skype for Business.
  • Enforce conditional access to Skype for Business. Continually verify that devices are managed and comply with company security policies — and instantly block access from any device that’s rooted, jailbroken, or otherwise non-compliant.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication based on a verified MobileIron identity. Securely identify the owner of the device to ensure that only registered devices and trusted users can access Skype for Business.

Discover how MobileIron and AGAT can help you easily add another layer of mobile security to your everywhere enterprise. Register for one of our upcoming webinars taking place on Sept. 10 at 11am CEST and 11am EDT now!

Ahmed Shah

Vice President, Business Development, Alliances and Strategic Partnerships

About the author

Ahmed Shah is a business development executive and silicon valley veteran with vast experience in managing technology partnerships. He currently oversees business development, strategic partnerships and technology alliances at MobileIron. Prior to MobileIron, Ahmed held various leadership positions at Cisco, Oracle, TiVo and Neustar. Ahmed has BS and MS from MIT started his career writing code at MIT AI lab.