MobileIron + Adeya: Extending military-grade encryption to enterprise collaboration

As organizations are settling into the “new normal” of remote work, they are realizing the need to go beyond ad hoc solutions to help employees stay connected with co-workers. Consumer apps like WhatsApp were simply not designed to meet enterprise security requirements, which can put company messages, conference calls, and content at risk. While it’s understandable that many users have turned to familiar apps while working at home, business leaders need to ensure that enterprise security policies can be extended to remote workers wherever they are, on any device.

As the long-term reality of the global pandemic sinks in, organizations know they need to move beyond crisis management. This starts by putting more secure and reliable remote enterprise access in place so employees can confidently work on devices and networks outside of the office. This is especially important for companies in high-security industries like government, healthcare, and financial services, where strict compliance regulations are still in effect even when many employees are working from home.

The good news is, MobileIron and our extensive ecosystem of technology partners like Adeya already have the integrated solutions our customers need to protect remote operations — even in this unprecedented era. So customers don’t have to shop for new and unvalidated security solutions. Our best-of-breed partner ecosystem provides a broad range of technologies and capabilities customers need to deploy quickly and hassle-free.


MobileIron and Adeya simplify secure, end-to-end collaboration and communication on any device

Adeya offers a complete communication, collaboration, messaging, and file-sharing solution that meets the highest standards of government security. In fact, Adeya’s end-to-end encryption technology and unmatched military-grade security is used by government and defense leaders, as well as many leading global businesses.

As an industry leader, Adeya’s unique proposition is built on the concept of data sovereignty, a particularly important differentiator in today’s world of distributed work. Unlike other companies, Adeya does not retain or monetize customer data. From a user experience perspective, Adeya’s solution marries the very best of intuitive, consumer-style apps and robust military-grade security and privacy-first technology.

For MobileIron customers, Adeya can be easily and seamlessly deployed through our unified endpoint management (UEM) platform, securely contained on the device through AppConnect, and additionally protected with our Tunnel per-app VPN. The best part? End users can access Adeya’s collaboration features as easily and intuitively as WhatsApp or Zoom. There’s no training or learning curve to slow users down, which is especially important since remote workers have so many other things to juggle as they adapt to a whole new routine.

Find out why Adeya and MobileIron provide an ideal end-to-end encrypted collaboration solution. Don’t miss our upcoming webinar that will explain how to:

  • Easily extend Adeya’s military-grade encryption to secure enterprise communication, file-sharing, and voice and video calling.
  • Deliver an intuitive team collaboration experience that keeps behind-the-scenes security techniques completely invisible to the end user.
  • Protect the privacy of remote workers by keeping personal and business communication separate on the device (communication is encrypted at rest and in transit).
  • Protect sensitive data communication from network threats because even if the home network is hacked, conversations and documents are fully protected by MobileIron and Adeya.
  • Deploy Adeya as part of your larger secure remote work infrastructure to ensure users can stay productive without putting company apps and data at risk.


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Ahmed Shah

Vice President, Business Development, Alliances and Strategic Partnerships

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Ahmed Shah is a business development executive and silicon valley veteran with vast experience in managing technology partnerships. He currently oversees business development, strategic partnerships and technology alliances at MobileIron. Prior to MobileIron, Ahmed held various leadership positions at Cisco, Oracle, TiVo and Neustar. Ahmed has BS and MS from MIT started his career writing code at MIT AI lab.