MobileIron Acquires incapptic Connect

At MobileIron, we have continued to innovate and expand upon our unified endpoint management (UEM) platform to keep up with the demands of today’s digital businesses. We’ve sought to be a partner to our customers as they grow their digital workplaces, and we’ve heard them when they’ve expressed the increasing pressure for IT teams to develop and distribute customized mobile apps, in increasingly shorter timeframes. And with the dramatic shift to remote work (and a greater number of employees using mobile devices for their jobs), there is a real need for an easy and secure solution to create and deliver customized mobile apps to achieve key business outcomes, drive operational efficiencies and advance digital workplace strategies.

Unfortunately, mobile app development and deployment processes are often fraught with complexity and wasted time – taking weeks or even months. Add in the recent complexities of work-from-home mandates due to COVID-19, and you could be looking at adding days or weeks to that timeline. However, IT teams aren’t given extra time – they are under greater pressure than ever to develop and deliver customized apps in the shortest time possible to drive productivity.

That’s why I’m excited to welcome the incapptic Connect team into the MobileIron family. incapptic Connect is a leader in mobile app release automation software, and has partnered closely with MobileIron for years. Their product enables companies to efficiently develop and distribute customized mobile apps at scale within minutes or hours, saving companies tons of time and money, and driving business outcomes more quickly. By integrating incapptic Connect software with MobileIron UEM, the mobile app development to release process can be even further simplified for secure automated app distribution.


Better together (and automated)

Together, MobileIron and incapptic Connect support automated app distribution. incapptic Connect automates the app publishing process (after validating that an app meets the necessary requirements to publish in either a public or in-house app store), and once the app is published, MobileIron UEM automatically distributes it to managed devices. Together, MobileIron UEM and incapptic Connect keep the app updated to ensure that users are always operating on the latest and most secure version.

As an example of this automation in action, international agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS has been leveraging MobileIron and incapptic Connect for years to automatically publish, secure and update mobile apps, increasing user productivity and security. CLAAS relies on MobileIron UEM and incapptic Connect to keep their dozens of purpose-built apps operating on thousands of devices fully operational at all times. And, of course, CLAAS’ business-critical data is protected by MobileIron, wherever it travels. (Read the full case study here.)

Looking forward, I believe this acquisition will have many long-term benefits for MobileIron, incapptic Connect and our customers. As companies increasingly turn to in-house software development to transform work processes and deliver great employee experiences, their competitive differentiation will be tied to their ability to quickly, easily and securely build and distribute applications to their users. Together, with incapptic Connect as a part of MobileIron, we will help companies confidently and securely accelerate the realization of their digital workplace initiatives.

Please visit our incapptic Connect landing page for more information, and if this sounds like what your organization has been looking for, we’d love to help you optimize and accelerate your enterprise app delivery.

Simon Biddiscombe

President and Chief Executive Officer

About the author


As CEO, Simon leads the company’s overall business strategy and is responsible for MobileIron’s day-to-day-operations. Simon brings more than 20 years of management and financial experience to MobileIron. He began his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP where he spent nine years, most recently in the firm’s Silicon Valley technology accounting and audit practice. He went on to join Wyle Electronics where he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Simon’s next role was Vice President for Finance and Controller of the internet infrastructure business of Conexant which became Mindspeed Technologies (NASDAQ: MSPD) where he then served for 5 years as Chief Financial Officer. He then spent five years at QLogic Corp. (NASDAQ: QLGC) as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, then as Chief Executive Officer. Simon joined MobileIron from ServiceSource International, Inc. (NASDAQ: SREV) where he served as Interim Chief Financial Officer. He holds a BA in business studies from the University of Glamorgan and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.