MobileIron accelerates adoption of iOS mobility innovation in healthcare services across the world

MobileIron accelerates adoption of iOS mobility innovation in healthcare services across the world

To achieve the best healthcare outcomes, patient medical information should be available wherever the clinician practices: in a clinical facility environment, at the recovering patient’s home, or in a rural retirement community. For years, personalized patient care moved further and further away from individual patient locations into large centralized clinical facilities. This was dictated by digital records, complex diagnoses, medical decision support, and treatment equipment being unavailable outside such premises. Bulky laptops occasionally extended care with significant clinician frustration and impersonal experience. In the clinics, cumbersome computer stations on wheels got dragged awkwardly from room to room.

This paradigm changed on January 27, 2010 when imaginative and visionary clinicians saw Steve Jobs on stage first showing the world a new computer concept: the iPad.

I have personally worked with hundreds of medical professionals since that day, and the spark of innovation and wide-eyed enthusiasm for how healthcare could be transformed was never mine. I was the Apple technology guru tasked to sell them on how mobile modern work can change healthcare. Instead, for the past eight years, I’ve been schooled daily on how innovative medical professionals can be in in getting care closer to their patients.

These clinicians taught me new vocabulary, like telemedicine, remote consult, e-prescribing, outpatient vital signs monitoring, rehabilitation app assist, mobile medical dictation, and mobile imaging. That list got longer every day. Along that journey, Apple not only listened but anticipated their needs. Innovative frameworks reached beyond individually compelling apps. HealthKit, ResearchKit, CareKit, the Apple Watch, and more, fed medical creativity. On the right mobile work platform, only imagination limits positive care outcomes. For this entire decade, that platform has been iOS.

Innovative medical practices select MobileIron because of its experience in the healthcare sector; its innovative, scalable, and flexible platform; the layered security options and certifications; and expertise in deploying modern mobile workflows.

Mobility enables healthcare organizations to improve patient care with one-to-one support and treatment in the home, as well as improve service delivery and successful treatments that result in better patient outcomes. In perfect symbiosis, the MobileIron platform gives these organizations confidence that sensitive patient data is secure and compliant with patient data privacy regulations on device as well as in transit to and from systems of record.

By making Apple iPad available to clinicians, or iPhone as unified communications platform, and by designing compelling and efficient iOS apps, healthcare customers realize savings and efficiency gains totaling millions of dollars per year. At a minimum, they streamline patient management and note-taking for clinicians, provide guides to discuss sensitive care topics, and remove technical barriers to the use of video in health counseling, with immediate ROI and long term potential for better patient outcomes. We, as well as hundreds of MobileIron customer healthcare institutions, can’t wait to see how medical practitioners will innovate on this journey to elevate patient care. We are sure that with the MobileIron EMM platform in place, they will have a strong foundation of support.

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Cat Reu

Solutions Architect, Apple Business Development

About the author

Catalin (Cat) Reu has 24 years of enterprise groupware and enterprise mobile technology experience. Before joining MobileIron in June 2016,  he worked for Electronic Data Systems/HP, Intellisync/Nokia, Palm Inc., and Apple Enterprise Sales in systems engineering and technical consulting roles. In his current role as a technical solutions architect in our business development team, Cat promotes MobileIron’s best in breed EMM solutions to Apple enterprise channels and partners globally. He publishes blogs and contributes to Apple platforms white papers. Otherwise, he pursues mixed martial arts black belt excellence and dabbles in customizing autocross and road track cars out of a need for speed.