Mobile Weekly Recap: Windows 10 Insider Preview Released, Ransomware, and Proposed U.S Law

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Windows 10 Insider Preview

On Wednesday, April 6, Microsoft announced that they would be releasing the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316. The preview promises new features for Insiders, specifically around Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, Cortana’s new cross-device capabilities, the new and improved Microsoft Edge extensions, a Skype Universal Windows Platform Preview app, and more. The full list of features can be found on the Windows Blog.

How Law Enforcement Wants Tech Companies to Help Defeat Encryption

Though the FBI-Apple case may be over, the legal battle between the government and tech companies wars on as two senior U.S. senators are proposing a new U.S. law that would allow judges to order tech companies to assist law enforcement agencies in hacking into encrypted devices.

“All persons receiving an authorized judicial order for information or data must provide, in a timely manner, responsive, intelligible information or data, or appropriate technical assistance,” the draft bill says. With security control increasingly lying in the hands of end users and not tech companies, we’re eager to see what will happen to the draft bill in the near future.

Ransomware is Alive and Well

Crypto-ransomware is hitting hard right now, with recent reported incidents hitting many organizations in the past few months. Just this past week, Maryland’s MedStar Health network was attacked, resulting in Windows servers that controlled the hospital network’s domains to be locked down by ransomware. The attack, known as Samsam, is giving hackers administrative access to Windows domains. MobileIron Rethink: Security started a blog series on this exact topic. Read more about ransomware, as well as OS exploits and remediation tasks you can use to avoid getting ransomware on your devices.

End-to-End Encryption Hits the Consumer World

End-to-end encryption is no longer a requirement when it comes to data privacy in just the enterprise world. WhatsApp, Facebook’s texting service, announced that they have strengthened encryption of text messages so that only senders and receivers can access and read messages being sent. WhatsApp released a technical white paper detailing the cryptography that is being used to secure messages here.

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