Mobile Weekly Recap: SAP and Apple Form Partnership, World Password Day, and Windows 10

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SAP and Apple Form New Partnership

Following the footsteps of a partnership Apple formed with IBM almost two years ago, SAP has announced that they have partnered with Apple to extend iOS further into the enterprise. Steve Lucas, president of SAP’s Digital Enterprise Platform, claims there are both major similarities and differences between the two deals. For instance, Lucas places a large emphasis on SAP’s cloud platform that he believes is a fundamental difference between the two company. Nonetheless, the new partnership demonstrates Apple’s progress in the enterprise. With this partnership, SAP will begin to help drive iOS to its customers, with focus around apps for iPad and iPhone that leverage SAP tools to store data. Learn more about Apple and SAP’s partnership on TechCrunch.

Celebrating World Password Day, Promoting Online Security

World Password Day 2016, an initiative championed by tech giants such as Intel, Dell, Lenovo, and more took place this week in an effort to promote online security for all consumers. World Password Day’s website informs users “A Password Is Not Enough,” encouraging users to upgrade to multi-factor authentication. Armed with four “pep talks” with Betty White, World Password Day’s main spokesperson, users are invited to “get real” with White to adopt best practices to avoid getting hacked. Some additional tips for staying safe online can be found on CNET.

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