Mobile Weekly Recap: Growing Ransomware Attacks

Courtesy of Fusion

Waze Users, Beware! You May Be Getting Stalked

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have discovered that users running Waze, the navigation app owned by Google, may be running the risk of having their location tracked by hackers. The researchers discovered that a Waze vulnerability allowed hackers to create thousands of what are called “ghost drivers” in order to track the location of nearby drivers, all in real time. The research team is concerned about users’ privacy with the discovery of the exploit. The technical specificities can be found on Fusion.

The Ads On Your Android You Don’t Want to Click On

A new ransomware, called Dogspectus, leveraging mobile advertisements to scam users has hit Android devices. The malware was discovered by researchers at Blue Coat Labs earlier this week when a tablet running Android 4.2.2 was exposed to a malicious ad. Though a slightly unconventional ransomware (no encryption involved), the demand for payment was $200 in iTunes gift card. CSO predicts an increase in cyber criminals using ad platforms to deliver malware and recommends installing mobile ad blocking platforms such as Adblock Plus to prevent getting hijacked.

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