Mobile Weekly Recap: Google I/O 2016 Announcements and Microsoft's Phone Strategy

Courtesy of CNET

Google Announces New Awareness API

Google has unveiled a new API that will use sensor data on your Android to help your apps become more contextually and locationally aware. The Google Awareness API will leverage seven location and context signals: time, location, headphones, weather, places, beacons, and activity to customize behavior and help you manage battery and memory health, similar to how Apple’s predictive app features. Developers can learn more about the Google Awareness API as well as access guides and sign up for early access here.

Duo Premieres as Google’s New Video Calling App

Google’s response to FaceTime is finally here for Android and iOS users alike. Google introduced their new HD video calling app, Duo a little over a week ago that is expected to go live and hit Google Play stores later this year. Google featured a preview feature to the public recently that provides Duo users a real-time image of the caller before actually connecting the call, otherwise known as “Knock Knock.” Watch the preview feature here.

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