Mobile Weekly Recap: The Fight Against Government Data Surveillance Progresses and More

Microsoft Joins the Fight Against Government Data Surveillance

Microsoft filed a lawsuit Thursday in the U.S. District Court to contest a portion of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act that would allow governmental authorities to survey customers’ data without their knowledge. The lawsuit follows the recent legal dispute between Apple and the FBI around unlocking an iPhone owned by one of the San Bernardino shooters. Details of Microsoft’s legal filing can be found on CIO.

“Nothing of Real Significance” Found On Farook’s iPhone

Speaking of the Apple-FBI legal battle over the unlocking of San Bernardino shooter, Farook’s iPhone, it was recently announced this week that the cracked phone (without Apple’s help) did not contain any substantial, useful information that would further the FBI’s investigation of the San Bernardino incident. Though unconfirmed, the FBI allegedly paid an independent security researcher to help crack Farook’s iPhone.

Blackberry No Longer Producing Blackberry 10 Hardware

Blackberry CEO and Executive Chairman, John Chen, has announced that the company is no longer manufacturing Blackberry 10 smartphones. Many Blackberry enterprise customers had claimed that the flagship device, the BlackBerry Priv, was at too high of a price point to purchase. Instead, the company plans to offer two Android handsets at a lower price in the coming year. Chen recently opened up to The National about the company's new strategy. 

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