Mobile Weekly Recap: FCC Cracks Down on Cellphone Makers, A New Meaning to Mobile

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FCC Cracks Down on Cellphone Makers

The government is concerned that consumers are not receiving the security updates in a timely enough manner to avoid security breaches on their devices. Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission regulators have sent many major cell phone manufacturers including Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC, and more letters of inquiry around patch delivery and OS updates. Some argue that government regulators have a right to be concerned, given many bugs are susceptible to exploitation. Learn more on ArsTechnica.

A New Meaning to “Mobile”

In a recent blog post, authored by Venkata “Murthy” Renduchintala, Intel made a strong statement about the evolving definition of mobile. “No longer just phones, mobile is now about connecting the billions of 'things' — inclusive of phones, tablets and PCs,” wrote Renduchintala. “Intel is creating the next wave of world-class connectivity assets — LTE and 5G modems, RF, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet — needed to power devices, networking and storage.” Renduchintala claims that Intel is expanding its look on mobile to encompass the forthcoming of an estimated 50 billion connected devices (IoT).

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