Mobile Weekly Recap: FBI/Apple Case, HPE Cyber Risk Report 2016, and 2FA on Instagram

We’ve started a weekly series to bring you the latest and greatest of all things mobile on the Smart@Work blog. Our weekly update will provide what’s current in the world of mobile from hot, new consumer tech to mobile security breaches that might be headed your way. So what was up in mobile this week? Let's take a look.

(Courtesy of Business Insider)

Apple and FBI are in a little tiff. Ok, little may be a bit of an understatement, but in case you didn’t catch the news, the FBI are in the middle of an investigation around the Inland Regional Center attack in San Bernardino, California that took place last December. The FBI has requested Apple’s help to work around the originally manufactured security features on one of the shooters’ iPhones. Though Apple’s legal response is not expected until February 26, Tim Cook made his stance, posting a letter to Apple customers addressing the topic at hand. For a more comprehensive overview of the case, visit NPR. And in case you were wondering, Google and Microsoft are Team Apple on this one.

Hewlett Packard releases the HPE Cyber Risk Report 2016, detailing the past year’s major infection stats and attack patterns. No surprises here, some of the likely trends continue to plague mobile, particularly around iOS malware. The report states,“Although the total number of iOS malicious apps is very low compared to all other popular malware platforms, the growth rate (235%) makes it one to watch in 2016.” Stay protected this year, folks.

Two-factor authentication is serious business in and outside of the enterprise. Instagram will soon provide two-factor authentication to its users to protect their accounts. Using 2FA, users will be required to enter a code received by text message when attempting to login on a new device. Other social giants, Facebook and Twitter, have previously launched two-factor authentication to its users as well.

Can’t remember what the ‘i’ in iPhone means? Mashable remembers the Apple event in 1998 where Steve Jobs unveiled the iMac, introducing the marriage of ‘i’ to almost all future Apple products to come.


Stay tuned for next week’s update as we cover all the news from Mobile World Congress 2016 and more!

Stacy Chen