Mobile Weekly Recap: Apple Opens Up and Android's Security 2015 Annual Report

Courtesy of Mashable

Apple Reveals Its Security Approach Post FBI Battle

Apple opened up to Mashable last week about its approaches to security after the FBI battle. During a press briefing, Apple shed some light on how security works on iPhone and iOS, and how the company overall approaches security for its users. One overarching theme was reiterated throughout the event: Apple’s goal is to protect its users from hackers and not the government. Apple engineers made sure to note that it is virtually impossible to have 100% security, but the company is focused on building a system that is as secure as possible.

Android Security 2015 Annual Report Released

Last week, Android released their second Android Security Annual report, detailing how Google works to protect Android and its ecosystem, security protections for the year, and Google’s work with Android partners and the security research community as a whole. Google announced the new report on their blog, and the report can be found here.

Gartner’s Evaluates Security of Samsung KNOX, iOS, and Android

Gartner published a report earlier this month on a security comparison between 12 different mobile device platforms: Android 4, 5, and 6; Blackberry 10; Blackberry Android; iOS 8 and 9; Samsung KNOX, Windows Phone 8.1 and 10 (Lumia); and Windows 8.1 and 10 (Surface). Gartner reported that Samsung KNOX was the only one of the OS’s that received “strong” ratings for each control that was featured in the corporate managed security portion. InformationWeek covers the full story.

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