Mobile Weekly Recap: Apple Event, FBI & Israeli Mobile Firm, Uber Unveils Program

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Apple Special Event

This Monday, Apple held a special event to announce some of the newest Apple products and improvements made to iOS 9. The announcements boasted the new iPhone SE, a newly-sized iPad Pro, and the release of CareKit, a new framework built to help app developers build health apps. For more information about the event, read Top 5 Things from the Apple Special Event. Additionally, more information around iOS 9.3 and EMM can be found in this recent blog post.

FBI Looks to Israeli Mobile Forensics Firm for Help

The FBI has reportedly turned to Israeli mobile forensics Firm, Cellebrite, to assist with the unlocking of the San Bernardino shooter, Syed Farook’s phone. Despite this, the legal battle between Apple and the US. Justice Department continues as the government has requested to postpone the official court hearing to a later time.

Big Bucks for Uber Hackers

Uber announced this last Tuesday that it would be officially launching a “bug bounty” program running on HackerOne May 1st to incentivize independent security researchers to find hackable bugs in the ride-sharing app. Unveiling a bug could result in a $5,000 reward, whereas taking over an Uber account or inflicting malicious code on the Uber production server could earn you $10,000. Visit The Verge for more details on the program.

Facebook Ends BB OS 10 Support

Shortly after WhatsApp announced its end of support for Blackberry devices a few weeks ago, Facebook has joined its subsidiary and announced it will no longer be supporting Blackberry OS devices.


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