Mobile Weekly Recap: Android N Announced, KeRanger Shut Down, and Adobe Flash Takes a Hit

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Android N Announced

Will Android N be named Nougat? Nutella? The suspense is killing us as we prepare for the newest release of Android this year. The Developer Preview of Android N was announced just yesterday with a quick peek at some of the newest features to come: split-screen mode, a new notifications panel, power-saving features, and more. An in-depth look at the preview of the new OS is available via PCMag.

Apple General Counsel Responds to DOJ

After the Department of Justice responded to Apple's most recent legal filing, Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell spoke with reporters on his feelings about the response. Apple and the FBI are expected to meet for a federal hearing in Riverside, California on March 22. For Sewell's full statement to the brief, visit Business Insider.

KeRanger Mac Ransomware Shut Down

KeRanger, known to some as the first, fully-functional ransomware targeted towards Mac computers has been shut down by Apple. The analysis of the threat was initially published by Palo Alto Networks . Using a valid Mac app development certificate, the software was able to bypass Apple Gatekeeper. Apple since then has revoked the certificate, and it’s expected that only under 7,000 devices have been affected.

Unsuspecting Yet Critical Vulnerability Hits Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash users, beware: “critical vulnerabilities that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system” have been discovered, reads a security bulletin released by Adobe earlier this week. Since the discovery, Adobe has released a new patch, though many security experts highly recommend you uninstall the plugin completely.

Encryption Hot Again With Amazon Fire

After Amazon removed on-device encryption on Fire OS 5 recently, the company announced in a statement last Friday evening that the optional full disk encryption would be restored in this spring’s software update. More details on the story on Ars Technica.

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