Mobile security: Why you should sweat the small stuff 

What does my ugly lawn have to do with mobile security?

Remember how 83% of respondents believe that organizations are complacent about mobile security? How would you assess your organization’s mobile security efforts — is your team proactive, procrastinating, or somewhere in the middle? In the Verizon report, many survey respondents agreed about the need to take action but felt their organizations did not implement even the most basic mobile security controls.

While having an unsightly lawn may be embarrassing and put me on the wrong side of my HOA, the risk of ignoring mobile security threats is truly serious. Mobile security risks, such as weak passwords, non-compliant devices, or BYOD users who share business files with unauthorized apps, can quickly snowball into a catastrophic security breach. If you haven’t done so already, download the Verizon report and share it with your team. That might be the perfect — and proactive! — catalyst to start the conversation about mobile security in your organization.