Mobile HR scheduling with iPad keeps supply lines moving

MobileIron customers across every industry are deploying more iOS devices to create competitive advantage by transforming legacy workflows. Thanks to the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), mobile administrators can greatly simplify deployment and lifecycle management of iOS-based mobile applications on iPad and iPhone. Today, even the most labor-intensive businesses can use streamlined iOS deployments to expand supply operations, simplify HR scheduling, and meet tight deadlines.

In the world of global trade, efficient scheduling is absolutely critical to ensure goods and services are delivered on time. No company understands that better than Cepa, which is a private employer’s organization that handles Stevedoring contracts between the Port of Antwerp and dock workers. Cepa provides the communication backbone that supports day-to-day operations and helps the port stay competitive in the global shipping market.

Cepa needed a mobile solution to streamline job scheduling at the port. Prior to going mobile, dock workers would have to go to the recruiting office several times per day to review job posts and apply for openings. Not only was this time-consuming for the workers, jobs could not be filled more than a day or so in advance, which made scheduling a huge challenge.

To help mobilize critical HR processes, technology partner Proximus recommended MobileIron as the foundation to secure Cepa’s mobile infrastructure. Today, Cepa has distributed thousands of iPad minis configured through DEP and secured with MobileIron. Now, instead of visiting the recruitment office in person, dock workers can log in and view job openings wherever they are through the Digikot mobile HR application on their iOS devices. Cepa can also ensure their devices are always updated with the latest security configurations, apps, and content such as training resources.

These are just a few of the reasons why organizations like Cepa have shifted their legacy operations to a mobile architecture secured by MobileIron. Along the way, MobileIron has helped other customers like Cepa seamlessly transform their operations, which has been the core of our business for years. To take the next step, check out our guide: MobileIron and iOS: The Security Backbone for the Modern Enterprise.