Mobile Frontline Responders in Hospitals: Webinar

Hospital workers are extremely busy under normal circumstances.  Working in a hospital is one of the most challenging and important jobs in the world.  Yet despite its importance, hospital workers, and in particular nurses, tend to be overworked and understaffed.  There simply are not enough nurses to fill the needs, and with the coronavirus crisis, that issue has come under the spotlight.

Here are a few interesting nursing stats:

  • Nurses see 8.1 million Americans each day
  • They walk an average of 4 miles each day during their shift.  You may have noticed they tend to wear running shoes.
  • 61% of nurses work in hospitals

Unfortunately, there are not enough nurses.  By 2022 there will be 690,000 unfilled nursing jobs.  This begs the question: how can we solve this problem?  MobileIron has some ideas.  There is already a trend towards digitalization and mobile usage inside hospitals:

  • 86% of clinicians use a smartphone in their daily practices
  • 86% of physicians used electronic medical records in 2018

MobileIron can empower healthcare workers throughout the day, making them both more efficient and more engaged in providing improved patient outcomes.

  • Starting at check-in, a nurse can use zero sign-on to access a shared device.
  • When the first patient arrives, the nurse can securely access the patient’s Electronic Medical Record, easily and quickly from a mobile device.
  • If an IT problem arises, MobileIron Help@Work can fix the issue remotely without ever slowing down the busy nurse.
  • For a patient consult with a colleague, the nurse can communicate in a HIPAA-compliant manner with other clinicians.

You can learn more about how to empower mobile frontline responders in hospitals during our upcoming webinar taking place at 9am PDT on May 7, 2020.  Register here.

Brian Strachman

Brian Strachman

Director of Product Marketing

About the author

Brian Strachman is a marketing and strategy professional with over 20 years of experience in B2B technology marketing. Brian currently is director of product marketing at MobileIron focused on use case GTM.  He has extensive experience in product marketing, solutions marketing, strategy, Go-To-Market planning, sales enablement, and market research. Most recently Brian was at Automation Anywhere where personally launched the first ever RPA Mobile App.  Brian holds an MBA from Arizona State University, as well as undergraduate degrees in Finance and Marketing.