Mobile data leaks: Is your business at risk?

Mobile devices are key in driving corporate productivity. In fact they are the ultimate tool for today’s on-the-go employees, ensuring they are accessible at all times.

What many don’t realize is, their trusty work phones could be leaking their personally identifiable information through seemingly innocent applications.

Everything from usernames and passwords, to valuable company IP are inherently at risk and yet, many organizations and users remain unaware of this ongoing threat.

Why is this happening?

So how did users lose their grip on the security of their mobile devices? Well, take a look at the facts.

Mobile has quickly become the new relied upon platform for both consumers and businesses. In 2016, mobile’s share of global internet usage exceeded 50% for the first time ever. People now use their phones more than they use their computers to access the internet.

In the gold rush to get apps to market and take advantage of this explosion in popularity, security standards have fallen by the wayside.

Developers undoubtedly have to sacrifice time and resources in order to ensure their apps are completely resilient to data leaks. This is unfortunately something that many are unwilling to do. Security updates often don’t enhance the functionality of the app, or appeal to consumers at face-value, so many figure, why do it?  

The repercussions of these behaviors among app developers are astounding. In 2016 alone, researchers at Wandera uncovered more than 200 well-known apps and mobile websites that were exposing sensitive consumer and enterprise information.

The vulnerabilities were present in places you might not expect:

More than 59% of all the leaks identified were from just three categories:

  1. News and sports
  2. Business and industry
  3. Shopping

A further 28% were from another four:

  1. Travel
  2. Entertainment
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Technology

Wandera’s 2016 Mobile Leaks Report: App Leaks by Category

In 2017, corporate mobile leaks continue to proliferate. The nature of the data being leaked, while not always powerful on its own, can often amount to the keys to the kingdom.

The bottom line is, your company’s valuable data could easily be at risk, and you might not know it, until it’s too late.

Protecting your business

As stated above, an increasingly mobile-centric landscape also means that mobile users are exposing themselves to the next generation of security threats.
MobileIron and Wandera easily integrate to help your enterprise gain unrivaled protection against these threats and better management over your mobile estate.

How it works

Wandera and MobileIron are solutions to different mobility challenges, and can each be used to securely manage device fleets, with MobileIron operating on the device and through the application infrastructure, and Wandera through its pioneering web gateway for mobile architecture.

Enriched capabilities

Thanks to the way in which these technologies have been engineered, customers of both solutions have access to a wider range of benefits.

Wandera operates in the pathway of mobile data, meaning it possesses the unique ability to detect ‘leaking apps’ that have not yet reached the device. With this new integration, whenever such a threat is identified by Wandera, it notifies MobileIron’s platform which automatically  takes action, such as quarantining the device or deleting the malicious application.

Simple, seamless deployment of Wandera through MobileIron

Admins can deploy Wandera across their device fleet with seamless efficiency over-the-air (OTA). Fleets utilizing iOS supervised devices will enjoy the added benefit of zero-touch deployment which requires no input from the end-user. This update ensures adoption rate is maximized and so is the return on investment.

With Wandera enrolled universally in a heartbeat, businesses can get enterprise-grade security from day one.

See it in action

Contact your MobileIron or Wandera account manager to find out more. If you’re not already enjoying either of these services, get in touch for a pressure-free demonstration of the integration.



Michelle Base-Bursey

Product and Partner Marketing Manager at Wandera

About the author

Michelle Base-Bursey is a guest writer for our blog.  To learn more about Michelle, check out her LinkedIn.