Make an informed choice for macOS management and security

As the adoption of Macs in today’s enterprise increases and use cases expand, IT teams must reconsider their approach to endpoint security and management. We are seeing a growing trend within our large customer base where niche Mac management products are being replaced by comprehensive unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions.

Evaluating solutions to solve today’s modern digital workplace use cases, including macOS, needs a thorough approach with risk and security at its core. Leveraging a unified security and management platform that spans all devices and apps that drive productivity in today’s digital workplace and provides a better admin and user experience while reducing cost and complexity is a reality now.

Gartner published a report, “Solution Comparison for Four macOS Management Systems,” Michael Disabato, 11 March 2019, ID: G007373520. We believe this report provides a framework to guide you in your journey and make an informed choice.

For this report, Gartner compared solutions using the assessment criterion listed below:

Endpoint and application management:
Data-at-rest encryption
Endpoint protection
Endpoint firewall
Apple Business Manager Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
Apple Business Manager Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
Local distribution point
App distribution

Unmanaged device support:
Device management
Content separation
Privacy settings
Limit administrator actions
Actions taken on personally owned devices

System integration:
Incident management
Security information and event management (SIEM) integration
Log report

Adaptive access and access management:
Depth of integration
Breadth of integration
Active Directory (AD) integration
Built-in adaptive and conditional access capabilities
Authentication methods
Single sign-on (SSO)
Group-based policies

Certificate management:
Certificate authority (CA) integration
Certificate revocation
Certificate provisioning

In the report Gartner has provided comparison data for the assessed solutions, “the criteria are scored on a Gartner-defined scale with values of “None,” “Low,” “Medium,” or “High,” where “High” is best.”

As always, we suggest that you prioritize your macOS evaluation criteria based on your specific requirements and use the comparisons from the report to identify the solution that best meets your current digital workplace needs and roadmap.

If you are a Gartner client, you can access the report here.

MobileIron also hosted an informative webinar, “Top 5 reasons to choose MobileIron for Mac security and management”, on December 12.




During this webinar, a panel of security and UEM practitioners shared best practices for Mac security and management.


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Girish Bhat

Girish Bhat

Vice President, Product Marketing

About the author

Girish leads the Product Marketing and Technical Marketing Engineering teams at MobileIron and is responsible for sales enablement, GTM planning and execution, pricing and packaging and customer engagement.

Previously, Girish held various roles managing SIEM, UEBA, authentication, compliance, VPN, DLP, IDS/IPS, mobile, SaaS, IaaS, virtualization, networking and network monitoring solutions at startups and global brands.