Life as an HR intern

As someone who has been living on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for the past 5 years, I think it’s safe to say that I’m a little out of touch with corporate life. Coming back home to the Bay Area presented an exciting new opportunity. My first day at MobileIron reminded me of my first day of college, only this experience brought me to the heart of Silicon Valley.

Welcome to the jungle

MobileIron has been the perfect company for my first taste of the corporate world. Team members are inviting and relatable. The small company feel makes everyone approachable. My team didn’t expect me to know everything on Day 1. They are continuously patient and encouraging. I received mentorship from people I wouldn’t have been able to interact with outside of work, and I am impressed by their constant willingness to share their knowledge, expertise, wisdom & advice.

One thing is for sure, every single day during my internship has been a learning opportunity. In addition to getting exposure to the key skills, processes, and practices used by HR, I have gained valuable resources that help advance my growth as an individual, which includes having one-on-one mentorship sessions with VP’s, personal resume help from recruiters, and pep talks from my manager.

Inspiration in the day-to-day

I’ve experienced so many surges of inspiration during my time here. My favorite being a company-wide screening of the documentary ‘She Started It,’ a film featuring women entrepreneurs. What I discovered during our discussion about the film was a room full of dynamic, high-caliber women who are dominating the tech industry.

I also had the privilege of attending the Manager Development Series, a program set in place to encourage managers to build stronger teams. The monthly training turns managing people into a science. I felt privileged to attend this training and work for a company that strives to improve.

On top of all of this, MobileIron is feeding my flamin’ hot Cheetos addiction with unlimited snacks in the kitchen. Weekly catered lunches and food trucks on site are just a few of the perks that MobileIron has to offer. By far the best perk is the quality of the team. I started the same day as the new VP of Sales, who so accurately shared, “I don’t see any challenges, only opportunities.”

Even now, I can’t quite wrap my head around how fortunate I am to intern at MobileIron. I am excited for what opportunities lie ahead.

Diana Tang