LG Windows 10 Fridge and New Amity Messaging App

Courtesy of PCWorld

Amity - the Latest Interactive Messaging App

A new messaging app, Amity, is launching to provide you the complete messaging app experience, with “a new level of interaction.” With the new messaging app includes many interactive features such as animations, handwriting, message bubbles, and more. A “memories” section also archives all photos, videos, links, news articles, and more that you’ve shared in your conversations. Learn more about Amity here.

LG-Windows 10 Fridge Unveiled at IFA Show

LG displayed a new tablet on its own smart fridge with a Windows 10 display last week at IFA in Berlin. The 29-inch touchscreen boasts LG’s Windows 10 apps that allow you to set timers, add recipes, mark food that you can see through its translucent door (!) and more. You can install Windows Store apps on to the device as well. Though LG has not released any specifics around pricing or release date, we can expect to see this launch later in the year.

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