It Takes the Right Ecosystem to Improve Healthcare Delivery Without Excessive IT Overhead

In healthcare, quality of service is critical. There are many technology solutions that promise to help healthcare organizations enhance service delivery. With so many options, how can these organizations know how best to support their patients?

A recent case study featuring Buurtzorg, a Dutch healthcare organization, leveraged industry best practices that others in the field can follow to quickly cut through the “technology vendor noise” and truly deliver value to their patients.

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  1. Understand how technology can help improve care delivery

    Buurtzorg’s management team realized that they could improve security, speed, and accuracy of patient recordkeeping when their medical staff used iPads instead of pen and paper. This removed the possibility for human error and reduced latency to make sure updates were accurate and available in real-time.

  2. Focus on core strengths and outsource the rest

    Buurtzorg runs a successful service helping patients with chronic illnesses stay in their homes or recuperate at home more quickly after hospitalization. They’re not in the business of software app development or network and hardware deployment. So when they wanted to implement a mobility program, they turned to a trusted advisor, Ecare Telecom & Cloud Services, for development of their core business apps and IT services.

  3. Deploy best-of-breed solutions to ensure ease of use and timely implementation

    Although Ecare TCS executed the implementation for Buurtzorg’s mobility project, Buurtzorg was still invested in the project success. From the pilot phase through full deployment, Buurtzorg’s team partnered closely with Ecare TCS to assess the solution. Ecare TCS selected Apple iPads for their ease of use to run the corporate-developed apps. They selected MobileIron Cloud as its enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform to deploy a corporate app store to manage and securely distribute the apps. Now devices can be set up in minutes and mailed to the employee so they can start working as soon as they power on their devices.

  4. Measure the business impact

    The Buurtzorg team reported that secure mobile devices and apps have greatly simplified its core business processes. Using the iPads instead of pen and paper has saved around 10% of healthcare worker’s time so they can focus on delivering healthcare instead of traveling back to the office to document their records.

Running a successful healthcare service takes a unique combination of business sense and empathy for clients. By selecting a trusted advisor to champion the technology solutions which underpin its service offering, Buurtzorg is able to focus on providing its clients a premier service. At MobileIron, we are very much invested in our customer’s success and we are proud to work with Ecare TCS to provide market leading solutions for their customers.

Arjan Veenboer

Enterprise Account Executive Netherlands at MobileIron