IT Modernization Bill, watchOS3, and “Safety Selfies”

The House Passes IT Modernization Bill
This past Thursday, the House passed The Modernizing Government Technology Act, which is a combination of the Maryland Democratic House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer’s IT Modernization Act and Texas Republican Will Hurd’s MOVE IT Act.

The bill is intended to provide funds (housed in the Treasury Department) to agencies in an effort to help them modernize their legacy systems and minimize cybersecurity risks. “The recently issued OPM report demonstrates a security risk of such legacy IT and recommends Congress consider new tools to incentivize the transition from legacy to modernized IT solutions across the federal government,” Hurd says.

As cybersecurity continues to be a growing concern for the American people, we can expect to see the issue addressed on a federal level. The bill is now being considered in the Senate.

Apple Watch Update: watchOS3
Apple has made a dramatic update to the Apple Watch OS that was released in the last couple weeks. The update has two major improvements - a better experience for Apple Watch users and easier integration for third-party apps, enabling developers to create not only better apps but more of them as well. You can learn more specificities about the watchOS update.

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