iOS and MobileIron: Democratizing Cloud and Mobile Transformation

When large enterprises want to take advantage of new technology, they often turn to consultants to advise them on strategy and implementation. This is why Apple and Deloitte announced they are teaming up to accelerate business transformation on iPhone and iPad. Deloitte will help Apple’s biggest customers produce easy-to-deploy native apps that integrate seamlessly with existing business platforms including ERP, CRM, and analytics and HR systems.

But what about the 56 million small- and mid-sized companies without the resources to retain Deloitte’s support? How do they capitalize on the transformative power of mobile apps? The great news is that many of these companies haven’t made huge investments in legacy infrastructure and applications and hardware. As a result they are primed to take advantage of the flexibility which comes with Cloud and Mobile technologies .Today there are a multitude pre-packaged cloud services offering mobile iOS apps for the latest iPads and iPhones. These apps are designed to address just about every business need. Whether they are traditional businesses, main street, “mom and pop shops” or newer internet-based companies, businesses can confidently begin their business transformation journey.

Family-owned real estate developer Edward Rose and Sons is an example of one such company.  It prides itself on how effectively its employees address the myriad of customer concerns that come with running a real estate business. Its management team saw Mobility and Cloud as key when it wanted to move from very manual processes to a completely digital ones.

“It’s changed the way we've done things. We can do more with less people and have greater manageability with it,” said Joe Simpson, CIO, Edward Rose and Sons, In a recent article.

Edward Rose and Sons made three important decisions which ensured they could get up and running quickly:

  1. Standardized on corporate owned Apple iOS devices and leveraged Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to streamline device and application management
  2. Implemented MobileIron Cloud Enterprise Mobility Management as a turnkey solution to configure and manage all their devices and applications, right out of the box
  3. Selected a third-party app called Yardi to track jobs because it was easy to use and worked beautifully on Apple iPads and iPhones

For most companies, knowing where to start their digital transformation is probably one of the toughest questions to answer, which is why MobileIron has prepared a white paper “The Enterprise Guide to iOS App Development”. With  more than 12,000 customers, some with as many as 1,000 apps deployed, MobileIron brings deep experience in making companies of all sizes, successful with mobility. And as a founding member of, we’ve been guiding “off the shelf’ and “in-house” app developers on how to make their apps easy to configure and secure on iOS devices.

Cloud and Mobile are creating a perfect storm to help businesses exponentially increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction. MobileIron is proud to be at the heart of this storm, helping customers confidently navigate their transition to new business platforms.

Fran Thorpe

Director of Business Development, Strategic Partnerships

About the author

Business is both science and art. The right mix of both determines whether a project is funded or a brand becomes a movement. Over the past 15 years I’ve successfully blended science and art to develop go-to-market strategies for mobile sea changes. I led the charge in mobile with apps, messaging, search, maps, and now with security. 

I build strong working relationships with internal stakeholders and external partners. Together we achieve business success. I led the digital team that launched a messaging service that grew from 0 to 20 million users in under 18 months. I identify key features that go from obscure to the product launch headlines. I open new routes to market that result in millions of dollars of revenue.

I am fascinated by what’s coming next. The ability to map content to context, accelerating decision making - human or automated. And at the same time, balancing privacy with the quest for more data. Autonomous driving, digital assistants, smart homes, the revolution has started. It’s an exciting time to be in the revolution-making business.