Introducing MobileIron Core 9.2

Mobile and Cloud are redefining IT requirements and requiring the Enterprise IT organization to be able to effectively secure enterprise information everywhere. MobileIron offers enterprises a highly scalable platform to secure information as it moves to Mobile and Cloud and protects devices, users, apps and content no matter where it lives. MobileIron Core 9.2, the latest release of the on-premises platform takes innovative organizations to the next level in their mobile journey with brand new capabilities that unify mobile and desktop operations, deliver next generation authentication for Federal employees, and support the latest use cases on leading mobile platforms, all with a delightfully fresh Apps user experience.

Check out the top 5 highlights of MobileIron Core 9.2!

  • Integration with MobileIron Bridge to Modernize PC Security and Management

    MobileIron Bridge, a new application that extends EMM capabilities to Windows 10 PCs, changes the game for PC security and management. It is the first solution to unify mobile and desktop operations for Windows 10 using a single console and communications channel. With MobileIron Bridge, companies can start using enterprise mobility management (EMM) to modernize their Windows operations now, without sacrificing the sophisticated security policies and actions of traditional client management tools. MobileIron Core 9.2 enables this transformation by deploying the MobileIron Bridge application to the PC endpoint, allowing IT organizations to start down the path to significant reduction in PC management TCO while delivering a better user experience. To see how you can save on PC TCO by up to 80% read “Windows 10 with EMM: TCO Toolkit.”

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  • Bringing to Life the Latest Enterprise Capabilities in iOS 9.3 and iOS 10

    With Apple increasingly committed to enabling enterprise users, both iOS 9.3 and iOS 10 introduced a set of new capabilities that help organizations drive productivity with mobile. MobileIron Core enables IT to activate these features and enhance business acceleration. MobileIron Core already supports key iOS 9.3 features, and the latest release adds support for Home Screen layout, Notification Controls and App Allow/Disallowing. Admins now have more control over how apps are presented and organized on the device home screen and the user experience is the better for it. New to MobileIron Core 9.2 is support for iOS 10 capabilities which allow organizations to enjoy unified communications, a better user experience and greater productivity. Cisco FastLane Quality of Service (QoS) Marking allows admins to prioritize performance for select business apps to ensure the best possible user experience. Communication Service Rule for Audio allows apps using Apple’s CallKit API to be received as a traditional call on an Apple iOS device. MobileIron Core 9.2 enables controls that allow IT to specify the default app for audio calls for enterprise-managed contacts and accounts. Wifi Captive Network Bypass reduces support calls prompted by Wifi connectivity challenges by serving up the direct info the user needs to get connected. And there is more, all in an effort to enhance productivity on iOS in the enterprise using EMM. Learn more about powerful iOS 10 enterprise features, by checking out “What iOS 10 Means for the Enterprise.”

  • Delivering Additional Support for Zebra Ruggedized Devices and Accelerating Enterprise Adoption of Android for Work

    For organizations in key verticals such as Healthcare, Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing Warehouse Management and Field Mobility, just to name a few, Zebra devices offer a specialized set of capabilities that help organizations run their back office operations more efficiently and at scale. Zebra devices include barcode scanners, printers, tablets and others. MobileIron Core 9.2 delivers specialized support for Zebra ruggedized Android devices, with IT admins now able to effortlessly configure these devices remotely and silently install key enterprise applications that enhance user productivity at scale. Another new capability in MobileIron Core 9.2 is Android for Work Accounts. MobileIron Core 9.2 has implemented specific Google APIs so that organizations can engagel in Android for Work device enrollment without users needing additional Google identities/accounts or joining to a Google Domain. With this enhancement, MobileIron will now manage Android for Work Accounts in collaboration with Google on behalf of the enterprise and there is no longer a need for an organization to share their Active Directory information directly with Google and avoids the need for GADS and other methods of synchronizing identity.

  • Offering Next Gen Multi-factor Authentication for Federal Employees that Ensures Stronger Security and a Better User Experience

    MobileIron has worked with Entrust to create a Derived Credentials solution that will enable government agencies to extend their existing security investments, such as common access cards (CAC), and personal identity verification (PIV) cards. The new Derived Credentials solution gives mobile devices secure access to agency resources via certificate based multi-factor authentication thus eliminating the security risks associated with usernames and passwords and without requiring employees to use additional hardware like sleds or smart card readers. The solution is compliant with government regulations and security standards such as Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12), Federal ICAM initiatives, FIPS 201 and NIST SP:800-157. MobileIron Core 9.2 makes all this possible by enabling next generation multi-factor authentication with certificate-based authentication for users. With these capabilities, users are able to utilize their identities on their physical CAC or PIV smartcards to then derive credentials to use on their smartphones, all without cumbersome physical card readers. This is made possible with the new MobileIron PIV-D Entrust application running on iOS devices and an ideal solution for highly regulated industries.

  • Introducing A Fresh and Modern Enterprise AppStore Experience

    MobileIron Apps@Work is an enterprise application storefront that manages both in-house developed apps and third party business apps that can be delivered to users. This helps deliver robust Enterprise Mobile Application Management solutions and accelerates user productivity. The built-in Enterprise Application Storefront provides both tight security and an intuitive end-user experience for securing mobile apps company-wide. In MobileIron Core 9.2, the Apps@Work user experience is greatly enhanced with a more native look and feel on iOS and Android that uses are familiar with. The new modern user interface allows for the right apps to be highlighted to end users, allowing for greater ease of discovery, interaction and navigation of apps within Apps@Work. Users can now more easily find and install the enterprise apps they desire, reducing time-to-productivity.

Enterprise information is everywhere, not only in the datacenter but in the cloud, in mobile apps, on mobile devices and in motion between them. MobileIron secures information wherever it lives. The Q4 2016 updates focus on further solidifying our leadership position in mobile enterprise security, while making it easier and more efficient for organizations to leverage the power of mobile and accelerate their businesses.

Abby Guha

Director, Global Product Marketing

About the author

Abby Guha is a 20 year veteran of the tech industry. Before joining MobileIron in 2014, she worked extensively in product and corporate marketing across the enterprise apps, security, and cloud computing spaces in companies such as Oracle, EMC, RSA Security, Nokia, and Symantec. In her current role as Director of Global Product Marketing, Abby develops messaging and positioning for MobileIron’s enterprise mobility management solutions, creates a wide array of sales and customer-facing content, and oversees the complete go-to-market initiatives that bring product to market and subsequently drive success through the right channels. Follow Abby on LinkedIn.