Introducing AppConnect for Samsung KNOX

Samsung’s KNOX platform, originally announced two years ago, provides a highly secure Android experience for both consumers and enterprises. The platform, available on many of Samsung’s high-end devices incorporates a range of hardware and software features that deliver a highly secure package. The most often discussed feature of Samsung KNOX is its secure data container, though Samsung also offers a range of hardware and OS-level features that ensure a device hasn’t been compromised and that offer a range of advanced management features.

A year ago, when Samsung announced the launch of KNOX 2.0, featuring a wide range of enterprise-focused functionality, MobileIron announced a collaboration with Samsung to integrate its AppConnect containerization technology with the KNOX™ platform, Samsung’s end-to-end secure mobile solution designed to provide advanced data and privacy protection.

AppConnect for Samsung KNOX leverages KNOX’s API and combines KNOX enterprise-grade device security with MobileIron’s robust ecosystem of business and productivity applications to offer IT an integrated end-to-end solution to configure, secure, and manage both personally-owned and corporate-provided Android applications and devices.

AppConnect for Samsung KNOX provides an added layer of security where AppConnect-enabled apps directly leverage the device security features of the KNOX platform. For example, AppConnect for Samsung KNOX can block the email access and the access to AppConnect container if either the device or the operating system is compromised.

“This is a huge win for Samsung and MobileIron customers. AppConnect for Samsung KNOX can be used for both BYOD and corporate-liable mobile programs so employees can use their favorite Samsung devices at work - securely,” said John Spencer, Vice President of Ecosystem, MobileIron. “Our customers can now benefit from KNOX’s device security, and leverage the entire AppConnect ecosystem of business and productivity apps.”

At MobileIron, we recognize that adopting Android in the enterprise is a complex undertaking and there are multiple approaches including KNOX and Google’s forthcoming Android for Work initiative. MobileIron is committed to working with our customers during this exciting time to determine the optimal strategy for each environment.

In the coming months, we’ll be providing resources and guidance about various the options for Android in the enterprise across three primary approaches:

  • AppConnect for Samsung Knox – Available now, AppConnect for KNOX is an extension to the AppConnect program that offers broad device support and granular configuration and policy control for apps across Android devices from varying manufacturers. AppConnect for KNOX combines Samsung’s advanced device security capabilities with AppConnect application containerization to simplify secure BYOD deployments.
  • Samsung KNOX Workspace – Samsung KNOX Workspace is available for deployments standardized on KNOX capable devices from Samsung. The Samsung KNOX Workspace provides a secure application container for publically available Android apps that separates business data and personal data.
  • Android for Work – Google’s forthcoming Android for Work program will begin to reduce the challenges posed by fragmentation across the Android ecosystem. It will include a range of enterprise integration and management capabilities, including the ability segregate business and personal apps. The full details about how Android Work will function have not yet been publicly released, but MobileIron is working with Google to develop integrated solutions for our customers investing in Android as well as guidance for how to approach Android Work.

Ryan Faas