incapptic Connect + MobileIron: Accelerating the app release journey

Ever since MobileIron was founded in 2007, our goal has been to help enterprise customers quickly and securely embrace mobile innovation to drive business ingenuity. To help turn that 30,000-foot vision into business results on the ground, we’ve built a global partner ecosystem that includes tech leaders like incapptic Connect who are turning real-world mobility challenges into solutions.

We know that our customers’ mobile infrastructures are expanding faster than ever before. Lines-of-business (LOB) are putting more demands on mobile IT to develop and deliver the customized apps they need in the shortest time possible. Until now, this process has been fraught with complexity and wasted time.

Here’s a typical example of how many app projects go: An app use case is generated within a business unit that needs an app to perform a specific function. The LOB may assign a project owner to find a team of app developers. Once the team has been assigned and the app has been developed and finalized, it needs to be published — and this is where the long delays often start. The app publishing task is handed off to yet another team that handles app distribution through unified endpoint management (UEM) or to a public app store. All too often, the app submission contains defects (such as missing metadata) that make it impossible to upload. Since the UEM team can’t fix the errors, the app is kicked back to the original project owner, and maybe even to the development team, to correct the errors.

This painful process can take days, if not weeks. In the meantime, the business unit is missing out on valuable productivity and revenue gains the app was designed to support.

In 2016, incapptic Connect recognized that this convoluted process presented a major barrier to mobile adoption because companies lacked an efficient way to develop, distribute, and update apps at scale all over the world.

With the release of incapptic Connect, customers can now leverage an app signing service that lets developers publish apps more quickly, efficiently, securely, and reliably than ever before. Not only does incapptic Connect accelerate the app release process, it seamlessly integrates with MobileIron Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) to simplify the process even further.

Together, MobileIron and incapptic Connect support an automated app distribution model that helps customers in any industry quickly publish and update in-house apps. Here’s how: incapptic Connect allows an application owner to use a self-service portal that provides a way to submit related app metadata. incapptic Connect then performs a full app validation to ensure the app fulfills all of the requirements for publishing to either a public or in-house app store. If errors are encountered, the app owner can either fix them herself or go back to the development team. (The app owner can also allow the team to submit apps directly to the app store, providing an additional time-saving step).

Thanks to incapptic Connect’s integration with MobileIron, apps can be uploaded automatically, which helps customers eliminate wasted time and delays so business innovation can keep moving forward.

Learn more about the MobileIron and incapptic Connect integration and the value it brings to customers by watching a 30-minute joint webinar.

Ahmed Shah

Vice President, Business Development, Alliances and Strategic Partnerships

About the author

Ahmed Shah is a business development executive and silicon valley veteran with vast experience in managing technology partnerships. He currently oversees business development, strategic partnerships and technology alliances at MobileIron. Prior to MobileIron, Ahmed held various leadership positions at Cisco, Oracle, TiVo and Neustar. Ahmed has BS and MS from MIT started his career writing code at MIT AI lab.