Hypergate + MobileIron: Secure any Android or iOS device through a single, unified platform

Companies everywhere often struggle to create a coherent mobile device management approach. They may have too many point products that aren’t integrated, and therefore lack clear visibility across the entire mobile infrastructure. Not only does this make it difficult to consistently roll out apps and updates, it can create security blind spots that put the organization at risk.

Now, Hypergate and MobileIron are changing all of that. Our integrated solution provides a single, unified platform that allows customers to leverage the device management and security features they need from both providers — without any integration challenges.

For example, customers can now take advantage of Hypergate’s self-service password reset for Android and iOS devices through the MobileIron platform. Thanks to MobileIron, IT already knows if the device is securely enrolled and managed by the organization, so Hypergate Authenticator can provide the user a self-service password reset without requiring a single call to the helpdesk. Not only does this help users stay up and running, it helps to lower support costs by freeing help desk admins from minor tasks like password resets. 

In addition, companies that primarily rely on Android devices lacked an out-of-the-box solution to support Kerberos authentication. MobileIron and Hypergate have closed this gap by enabling customers to deploy and manage Hypergate Authenticator and Hypergate Files directly through the MobileIron unified endpoint management (UEM) platform.

What does that mean to you? You can boost mobile productivity by enabling users to seamlessly authenticate using Kerberos on either a personal or company-owned Android device. IT can improve security with the support of certificate-based authentication to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive enterprise data. And, because Hypergate Authenticator is compatible with native applications like Google Chrome, you don’t have to spend time on complex integrations.

With Hypergate Files, you can ensure users stay productive because there is no need for employees to change their workflow at all. They can use all of the native business apps they need to edit and securely attach files to an email without any authentication or security hurdles to hold them back. Best of all, MobileIron customers can access all of these great capabilities because Hypergate is fully integrated with our UEM platform. 

To learn more, don’t miss the upcoming MobileIron and Hypergate webinar to learn how our solution helps you to:

  • Unleash secure mobile productivity by allowing enterprise users and frontline workers to access the resources they need on any Android or iOS device — not just a desktop computer.

  • Leverage Hypergate’s self-service password reset capability through the MobileIron platform, which greatly reduces calls to the help desk for password support.

  • Provide seamless SSO with no backend or infrastructure changes required.

  • Improve security by leveraging industry standards like Kerberos, Active Directory, and SMB/CIFS.

  • Deliver a native and seamless Android or iOS experience that doesn’t interrupt mobile productivity.

  • Reduce the costs of support, operations, workforce, and training.

Register for one of our webinars taking place on April 29 at 11am CEST and 11am ET now to learn more about this integrated solution from MobileIron and Hypergate!

Ahmed Shah

Vice President, Business Development, Alliances and Strategic Partnerships

About the author

Ahmed Shah is a business development executive and silicon valley veteran with vast experience in managing technology partnerships. He currently oversees business development, strategic partnerships and technology alliances at MobileIron. Prior to MobileIron, Ahmed held various leadership positions at Cisco, Oracle, TiVo and Neustar. Ahmed has BS and MS from MIT started his career writing code at MIT AI lab.