How to protect your most important employee – your frontline worker

Prior to this crisis, I shared that although we see frontline workers every day, we don’t always recognize their importance. The pandemic has since changed that, as we now celebrate all our frontline workers – from supermarket associates, to doctors and nurses and delivery drivers. These are the heroes who have worked tirelessly to get us through the pandemic and the fight isn’t over just yet. They are the face of every business and how your customers engage with you outside your walls.

The external nature of frontline workers makes them vulnerable to security breaches. To make matters worse, our recent Everywhere Enterprise survey data has indicated that there is widespread ignorance towards mobile security threats. We recently surveyed 1,200 workers from around the world and discovered that 43% of employees do not know what a mobile phishing attack is. This lack of awareness only serves to increase the risk of workers to such attacks. Frontline workers in particular rely on a range of purpose-built devices and applications to work productively and can’t afford to have any device or application downtime due to malicious attacks.

An endpoint security solution will enable your frontline workers to work effectively and productively and lift the cybersecurity burden to allow them to focus on their vital day-to-day responsibilities. To best secure your frontline workers, you should look to deploy a mobile-centric zero trust approach to guarantee that only verified apps, devices, users and services can access your business resources.

There are three steps to an efficient endpoint security strategy. First, MobileIron’s unified endpoint management (UEM) solution ensures that a device is known and trusted, before allowing access to a corporate network. It also establishes whether your frontline workers are using a verified or rogue application and grant or block access accordingly.

You should then look to build upon MobileIron UEM with MobileIron Threat Defense (MTD) as it detects any device, network and application level threats. MTD recognizes and remediates all phishing attacks across email, SMS, instant message, social media and other link sharing apps to ensure all endpoints are instantly protected.

Finally, MobileIron’s Zero Sign-On (ZSO) solution eliminates the need for passwords as it incorporates biometrics, such as facial recognition, to identify your frontline workers identity.

By leveraging all three solutions, you can rest assured your frontline workers can continue to do their critical work and deliver the best possible experience for your customers without having to compromise safety or security along the way.

To find out more on how to protect your frontline workers, contact a MobileIron sales representative.

Brian Strachman

Brian Strachman

Director of Product Marketing

About the author

Brian Strachman is a marketing and strategy professional with over 20 years of experience in B2B technology marketing. Brian currently is director of product marketing at MobileIron focused on use case GTM.  He has extensive experience in product marketing, solutions marketing, strategy, Go-To-Market planning, sales enablement, and market research. Most recently Brian was at Automation Anywhere where personally launched the first ever RPA Mobile App.  Brian holds an MBA from Arizona State University, as well as undergraduate degrees in Finance and Marketing.