Enterprise Mobility Management in the Cloud Just Got Better with MobileIron Cloud

We are in a transformation of historic proportions.  The adoption of mobile and cloud technologies are driving massive changes in organizations across the world today.  Cloud First Organizations seeking the agility of the cloud to help them become Mobile First turn to MobileIron Cloud

Innovating at the Speed of Mobile, Delivering at the Scale of Cloud

MobileIron Cloud provides cloud-based , helping customers accelerate the adoption of mobile devices and applications to work faster, smarter and more securely.  MobileIron Cloud enables customers to rapidly innovate and quickly deliver new and enhanced capabilities that are made available with each release of devices, and operating systems. And the MobileIron Cloud platform is able to scale to millions of devices to support large, globally distributed enterprise mobility rollouts.  Employees also need easy, intuitive tools that enable work to be accomplished and MobileIron Cloud addresses this need by enabling enterprise-grade mobile security while supporting everyday workflows in an intuitive way, eliminating the need for specialized training of IT or end users.

With the latest updates to MobileIron Cloud, enterprises can now enjoy greater flexibility and efficiency when driving mobility initiatives, both for the enterprise IT organization as well as users alike.   Here are the top 5 things to remember!

1.) Immediate support for Google’s Android for Work

  • With Android for Work, employees will benefit from access to the apps they love in a native user interface and IT has a unified way to deliver corporate security while preserving personal privacy. 
  • The main thing to remember is that Android for Work features can only be implemented by using an EMM platform. MobileIron Cloud offers immediate support for Android for Work, allowing IT to prevent data loss to untrusted applications, securely deploy native email, calendar and contacts, and greatly simplify Android app management, configuration, and containerization.

2.) Expanded support to Windows Phone 8.1

  • With this expanded platform support, enterprises now have greater choice in terms of which mobile platform to pursue when driving mobility initiatives. 
  • Not only can MobileIron Cloud enable secure rollouts of iOS and Android devices, but now Windows Phone 8.1 devices as well.

3.) Enhanced IT Efficiency and support large scale mobile deployments  

  • In the latest release, MobileIron Cloud has added capabilities that make securing and managing global mobile deployments more effortless than ever before
  • BYOD programs can be rolled out more efficiently with greater user privacy
  • Proactive notifications allow enterprise IT to stay on top of the latest developments  and avert security vulnerabilities
  • A new simplified and automated process that allows for effortless addition of new users in bulk.  And much more…
  • With these enhancements, MobileIron Cloud allows for more streamlined IT workflows as organizations roll out mobility on a large scale across distributed locations

4.) Secure App tunneling and Data Usage Monitoring in a new Platinum offering

  • MobileIron Cloud now includes support for MobileIron Tunnel and MobileIron DataView in a new Platinum bundle.
  • With MobileIron Tunnel (iOS), enterprises can deliver a more seamless end user experience without compromising security. With Tunnel’s per app VPN capabilities, enterprises can authorize specific business apps to access corporate resources behind the firewall without any end-user intervention.  This makes life much easier for the end user, and gives IT the confidence that corporate data is not exposed.
  • MobileIron DataView (iOS) helps enterprises save on operational costs. With DataView IT departments can set data limits and then notify end users, via real time alerts, so that they do not exceed their data plan limits, especially during roaming.  So now end users can use their mobile devices for work, without having to worry about bill shock at the end of the month!

5.) MobileIron Cloud meets the most stringent enterprise compliance requirements globally

  • MobileIron Cloud is the most trusted Mobile IT cloud service in the industry.  As part of our commitment to trust and security, MobileIron Cloud satisfies the most strict data security, privacy and protection laws in the world.
  • MobileIron Cloud has recently completed a SOC 2 Type 2 assessment to audit the operational and security processes of the service. In addition, MobileIron Cloud is hosted in a ISO/IEC 27001 certified location, which ensures compliance with an overarching information security management framework globally.
  • The TRUSTe Privacy Seal that signifies that the company’s privacy policy and practices have been reviewed for transparency, accountability, and choice regarding the protection of customer information.

The adoption of mobile technology has significantly outpaced previous technology transformations with smartphones, tablets and mobile applications rapidly proliferating and gaining positive adoption in the last few years.  As this trend continues and companies adopt modern enterprise technologies, those that take a mobile first approach will be the ones to drive greater innovation, accelerate productivity and save on costs, all while solidifying a distinct competitive edge.

Anne D'Angelo