Employee Spotlight: Danielle Striker

Each month I take time to learn more about one of our employees. This month, I sat down with Danielle Striker, director of business development at MobileIron. She is passionate about cybersecurity, identity and fraud. She works with partners to innovate by leveraging MobileIron's unified endpoint management (UEM) technology to enable zero trust access, zero sign-on (ZSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and mobile threat defense (MTD).


How did you start off in the security industry and what led you to join MobileIron?

I wound up in cybersecurity completely by accident. I was working for a startup called NetBoost in Silicon Valley that specialized in speeding up packets on the network for VPNs and firewalls. I was managing our strategic alliances with Cisco, McAfee, and Symantec and realized that the need for network security was going to be important.

I really didn’t know that much about networking or security at the time, so I decided to become a network engineer and CISSP. I figured those certifications coupled with my background as a programmer would help me to identify opportunities to innovate with my OEM partners.

Prior to MobileIron, I was a subject matter expert for identity and fraud prevention at TransUnion. I was working with some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world. Although preventing fraud and stopping synthetic identity theft is very interesting, it’s simply not cybersecurity. Those disciplines deal more with fraudsters as opposed to hackers.

I was looking for an opportunity in mobile security, and saw that MobileIron had a position open for OEM Director of Business Development - which is my passion! I also saw that Brian Foster was at MobileIron. Our paths had crossed many times over the years and I knew he was a thought leader in security. My best friend had worked with Brian when he was at Symantec, and said I should jump at the chance to work with him. So I reached out, got an interview and the rest is history!


What do you like most about working at MobileIron?

The people at MobileIron are incredible. They are smart, supportive and incredibly committed to helping our partners. I love that we are a leader for UEM and that our solutions really help IT manage devices and secure remote worker access (especially at this time with COVID-19).


What have been your favorite team moments?

My favorite team moment last year was celebrating Diwali with everyone! I even got Henna artwork on my hand. It was beautiful.


Who inspires you?

Sadhguru. He is a Hindu yogi and mystic, and my guru. He inspires me to simply be present and enjoy being alive! Aum…..


Can you tell me about your poker career?

I have been playing poker for 15 years. My husband and I moved to Las Vegas in 2000. I was never interested in gambling or poker. One day, a business associate and I were visiting San Jose. He thought that since I was from Las Vegas I would like to play poker at a card room called Bay 101. He laughed when I told him I didn’t even know how to play. We wound up going and of course, I got hooked. When I got back home, I hired a professional coach and started to enter and win tournaments. I have read over 350 books on poker. I started my poker career as a Texas Hold’em tournament player, but love playing cash games. I was just getting ready to play in the World Series of Poker again this year, but I think they will cancel it due to the coronavirus.


Tell me a bit about the book you authored, “Poker Samadhi: A Divine Collection of Poker Wisdom,” and how you relate it to your career.

Poker is a deep thinking game and a game of observation. It’s been said that “poker is a game of people, played with cards.” Observing yourself and others is key to becoming a great player. I was playing poker one night and had a “peak” experience - it was really like an out-of-body experience. I recognized that poker is analogous to life, and that both are just a game.

The objective in poker is to win. That’s the same objective in business and in life! Poker and business are very similar. Every hand you play is a negotiation. You have to play your hand the best you can to extract the most value when you have the nuts (the best hand). The concept is to maximize your hand for the most value. In business you have to do the same thing. You have to be able to read your opponent and negotiate the best deal. You have to know where you’re at in the hand - on the flop, the turn and the river. In a business negotiation, you have to determine where you’re at in the stage of the deal, and determine how your opponent may respond.

Poker is also about making good decisions and reading people. I have learned how to do both much better from playing poker. I wrote the book “Poker Samadhi” to share the wisdom I have learned from playing poker to help others play their best life!

Sarah Holt

Sarah Holt

Manager of Talent Operations at MobileIron

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Sarah oversees recruiting and new hire programs, focusing on improving global processes and MobileIron’s employer brand.