Employee Spotlight: Angela Frackowiak

Employee Spotlight is a new blog series meant to highlight the talented individuals who work at MobileIron. Each month, we’ll feature an interview with a different employee. This month, meet Angela Frackowiak! Anglea has been with us for over a year now and is based out of our office in Austin, Texas. Let’s learn more about her.


What is your role and what do you like most about working at MobileIron?

I’m an Americas SDR Manager. I joined MobileIron last year, and it’s been a blast building the new Americas SDR Team in the Austin, Texas office. I’m grateful for the collaboration between the sales development representatives (SDRs), sales leaders, marketing and sales operations teams, and the IT/BA team. This is what I love the most: people working together cross-functionally to innovate and achieve common goals.


What have you learned while at MobileIron?

Progress can be messy; it takes creativity and collaboration as well as know-how and individual contribution. It’s refreshing to be at MobileIron, where I’m empowered to make decisions. This is the most important thing I’ve learned: you don’t always have to ask permission to get work done. The best companies encourage their employees to bring new ideas to the table, to book time with colleagues to problem solve on the fly, and to step-up and own progress within their organizations.


What have been your favorite team moments?

It’s been fun growing the SDR team quarter-over-quarter and experiencing those wins together. One favorite team moment was participating in the local start-up crawl here in Austin, and my absolute favorite was when we volunteered at Community First Village (an affordable, permanent housing and supportive community for men and women coming out of chronic homelessness).


What is it like being a woman in tech sales?

I didn’t think much about it early in my career. I just worked harder and smarter and brushed off any challenges I faced as a woman. That changed as I grew older, and still saw women facing some of the same challenges. Really, a decade later? I now make it a point to advocate for myself and for women around me so that we can accelerate progress towards inclusion and equality overall. Kudos to MobileIron for its Women of Iron initiative, which helps female employees to achieve their business goals through learning, empowerment, and mentorship.


Who inspires you?

This one is tough. Amelia Earhart. Chuck Yaeger. Neil Armstrong. Dare I say Elon Musk? I’m fascinated by aerospace innovators. When I think about work, I’m most inspired by the unknown names, the workers themselves, and by anyone taking the time to mentor others. None of the amazing feats of our heroes would be possible without these dedicated teams showing up every day to get the job done. I’m grateful for and inspired by all the individuals I’ve teamed with and been mentored by throughout my career. Full disclosure: I met Chuck Yaeger when I was 15, and my little boy is named Alden (which was Neil Armstrong’s middle name).


What is a piece of advice / what would you tell your 20-year-old self?

You’re ready now. Often in our careers, and especially in tech, we’re waiting to achieve certain milestones before jumping into the unknown. Career growth is not linear, and it’s ok to take on responsibilities and challenges that may feel like a stretch. This is the fastest way to grow your career, and your own perceived novice may actually be a fresh perspective that can help more tenured teams to innovate.


What is your personal motto or personal mantra?

Kindness is the most important thing. This is what I tell my son. I’m happiest working together with people in a way that is kind and respectful. This is what makes work fun and prevents toxicity in the workplace.



I love traveling, and I am happiest when I’m outside in nature. If I’m not flying off for a far-away adventure, you can find me road-tripping, camping, or just hiking and swimming somewhere here in central Texas.

Sarah Holt

Sarah Holt

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