Embrace passwordless authentication to improve cyber defense and user convenience

Despite its near-ubiquitous use for authentication, passwords have been the weakest link in enterprise security for many years now, playing the ignominious role in all major data breaches. The sheer volume of attacks, combined with the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used in the attacks, the wide range of devices and credentials used to attack, and the rapid growth in cloud apps, have made it impossible for security teams to keep up.

Embrace passwordless authentication to improve cyber defense and user convenience

The failure of legacy authentication methods that use passwords to handle the needs posed by the explosion in adoption of cloud- and mobile-centric services has led to an increase in attack surfaces and attack takeover (ATO) techniques. As a result, a majority of security-conscious enterprises are now actively looking to replace passwords to improve their exposure to risk.


Passwordless Authentication Is Gaining Market Traction

Gartner recently identified passwordless authentication as a top emerging security and risk management trend for 2019, noting, “passwordless authentication…is starting to achieve real market traction.” (Gartner Press Release, “Gartner Identifies the Top Seven Security and Risk Management Trends for 2019”, March 5, 2019.)

The report highlighted that passwordless authentication adoption is growing, driven by customer demand and the availability of biometric and strong authentication methods.

Security, risk and identity leaders are actively seeking passwordless, mobile-centric strong authentication solutions to ensure authorized users, devices and apps can access business resources from any location.


Frictionless Strong Authentication

By using mobile-centric and commercially available biometric authentication methods, enterprises can quickly achieve passwordless authentication today.

Passwordless methods that tie users to their mobile devices with a biometric offer stronger authentication. This not only increases security, but also improves usability, leading to higher productivity and lower total cost of operation (TCO).

Passwordless authentication methods, such as using a mobile-centric solution coupled with biometric authentication, provide the much-desired frictionless user-experience.


Enter Zero Sign-On: Mobile-Centric Passwordless Authentication

As we know, passwords are easily compromised, not easy to manage and detested by users, so MobileIron decided to get rid of them with zero sign-on.

Zero sign-on aims squarely at helping solve common security challenges, while improving user and administration experience, by providing the ability to securely access enterprise resources from all devices without requiring passwords. MobileIron enables passwordless authentication by replacing passwords with mobile devices as the user’s ID.

Zero sign-on is inspired by the remarkably simple, yet effective “Zero Trust” concept, which was originally developed by Forrester Research to move security leaders away from a failed legacy approach to more modern approach to keep up with the demands of today’s digital business.


Embrace password less authentication

To effectively address threats posed by this growth in cloud and mobile-centric use cases, MobileIron recently introduced its zero trust enterprise security platform, which makes mobile devices the ID for secure access to the enterprise.

With MobileIron, your device becomes your ID for secure access to the enterprise, allowing your users (employees, partners, temporary workers) to access any app or service from any location or device.

Now, you can finally eliminate passwords and enable a secure and frictionless user authentication experience from all devices without the hassle of remembering and typing in passwords. Just as important, by eliminating passwords, zero sign-on also eliminates one of the top causes for enterprise data breaches.

Are you ready to go passwordless?

Getting rid of passwords to realize mobile-centric, zero trust enterprise security with zero sign-on is a reality now. Contact a MobileIron expert to get started today.

Girish Bhat

Girish Bhat

Vice President, Product Marketing

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