Don’t Expose Your iPhone or iPad to Jailbreak Security Threats

Ahhh, jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad is back again! Jailbreaking your iOS and iPadOS devices might seem cool for installing unsanctioned apps (which you can’t get from the iOS or iPadOS App Store) and device customizations and all, but is it worth potentially installing malicious apps that can steal your personal and work data? 

With the iOS 12.4 release, an unintended regression “fix” reintroduced a security vulnerability dubbed SockPuppet (CVE-2019-8605), which can be used to remotely jailbreak an iPhone or iPad. Popular apps like Chimera and Unc0ver allow a user to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad just by executing the app without a computer. This flaw also allows for an elevation of privilege due to improper memory handling, resulting in a malicious app being able to execute arbitrary code with system-level privileges. 

The good news is that MobileIron’s unified endpoint management (UEM) platform with MobileIron Threat Defense (MTD) provides a layered protection approach to counter this new threat. If the mobile device was previously jailbroken before registering to MobileIron Core or Cloud, MobileIron UEM would immediately detect that the device was jailbroken and halt registration and prevent access to the corporate network. If the device was previously registered to MobileIron UEM, MTD would detect that a sideloaded and suspicious app was installed and immediately quarantine the device by removing managed apps and content.

Even if the user bypassed these threat notifications and went ahead and executed the jailbreak, MTD would continue protecting the iPhone or iPad from potential data loss by not allowing the managed apps and content to be manually restored by the user. Once the device is restored back to the original factory settings, then MobileIron UEM would restore all managed apps and content onto the device automatically so the knowledge user could continue working.

This quick one-minute video shows the power of MobileIron UEM and MTD working in tandem to protect your iOS and iPadOS devices! Also, as an extra precaution, be wary of downloading any new apps until a security patch is released.



James Saturnio

James Saturnio

Senior Lead Technical Market Adviser at MobileIron

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James Saturnio is a Senior Lead Technical Market Adviser at MobileIron. He immerses himself in all things cybersecurity and has over 25 years’ experience in this field. He has been with MobileIron for over 6 years, and previously worked at Cisco Systems for 19 years. While at Cisco, he worked as a TAC Engineer, and then as a Technical Leader for the Security Technology and Internet of Things (IoT) business units. He was the main architect for the IoT security framework that is still being used today by Cisco’s IoT customers.