Day 1 Recap of Mobile First Conference

Mobile is different – And that’s a good thing.

The overarching image for the keynote address and first day of MobileIron’s fifth Mobile First Conference was the slide used by Vittorio Viarengo (VP of Marketing and Products) of someone trying to shove a gas engine into a Tesla.
It just doesn’t work or make sense. A Tesla is something new and different and it fundamentally functions in a different way from a gas-powered vehicle. The same can be said of mobile + cloud and IT.
From the announcements that MobileIron made during the keynote to its general session to the various presentations in the App, OS, Deployment, and Security zones in the afternoon, one thing was abundantly clear – mobile is different.
And that’s not a bad thing. It gives IT organizations a chance to rethink apps, business processes, and their relationships to the rest of their respective companies.
At heart, MobileIron released a handful of major announcements during the keynote:
  • How the company completes the mobile privacy and security puzzle with new technologies like Visual Privacy and the extension of per-app VPN functionality to Android and Windows 10.
  • A joint announcement with Google and Samsung on AppConnect’s integration with Android for Work.
  • A preview of MobileIron for Windows 10.
Presentations by Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and AT&T and Uber (now officially announced as a MobileIron Cloud customer) rounded out the keynote and underscored how deeply embedded MobileIron is in the EMM landscape.
Perhaps more significantly is the amazing turnout for the general session this morning and the various “zone” sessions this afternoon. The zone sessions covered everything from Windows 10 to Android for Work to Defense against the Dark Apps and everything in between. 
Most significant, however, were the stories from customers and partners that I heard throughout the day. Everyone at the conference recognized the transformative potential of mobile regardless of industry or focus.
Obviously customers are at varying points along the mobility journey, but everyone that I spoke to recognized that this is a critical journey and that they are welcoming help from MobileIron and our partners in plotting the course for that journey. 
In tomorrow’s post, I’ll outline some of the zone sessions that we are offering to help our customers plot that course. 
Stay tuned for more in Day 3!!!!

Ryan Faas