Compelling New Capabilities to Enable Multi-OS Mobile Deployments & Enhance IT Efficiency

Immediate iOS 9 Support Guarantees User Satisfaction While Enhancing Mobile Security

iOS 9 delivers new advanced capabilities, taking MDM security to the next level. With iOS 9 and MobileIron Cloud users have uninterrupted access to business data, driving productivity. Additionally, IT administrators have the EMM platform needed to meet information security requirements while accelerating secure mobile deployments.

IT Asset Management Made Simpler

MobileIron Cloud integrates with ServiceNow Asset Management, providing administrators with a comprehensive view of their entire IT asset fleet — including laptops, software, and mobile devices. Additionally, IT administrators can fulfill common mobile-related tasks such as device lock, unlock, retire, or even factory wipe — all from the ServiceNow console.

With MobileIron Cloud and ServiceNow, administrators can manage all IT resources using a single IT service management solution.

Drive HelpDesk Efficiency with Remote Troubleshooting Tools for Android

Help@Work for Android devices provides administrators with the ability to remotely view and control a device screen. HelpDesk administrators can easily visualize issues with a user’s mobile device, helping them identify problems. When required, administrators can request remote access to take control of the device and resolve issues without requiring the user to visit the HelpDesk.

This results in faster resolution of user issues and dramatically improves help desk efficiency and user productivity.

Jay Bhansali

Product Marketing

About the author

Jay is a member of the global product marketing team at MobileIron and is responsible for Access - MobileIron’s cloud security portfolio. Prior to MobileIron, Jay worked at Cisco and has close to ten years of enterprise security experience, working with organizations ranging from start-ups to large multinationals, helping them secure their networks, devices, and cloud services.