Box for EMM and the MobileIron Integration

MobileIron is fantastic, Box is amazing and the combination of the two is “fanmazing”.  Ok I just made up a word but it was necessary to describe how valuable and important the integration is to you.

Why Box?

Box’s content sharing solution allows users to access and collaborate on content from anywhere, while providing IT with enterprise-grade security and oversight into how content moves throughout the organization.

Why MobileIron?

MobileIron secures corporate apps and data without affecting personal data. It is the least disruptive method for safeguarding work information on personal devices. Additional security comes from Data Loss Prevention features, authentication policies, centralized configuration management, SSO, and secure sharing of data between apps.

Next Steps:

  • If you are new and do not have a Box integration with MobileIron
    • Go to this page to learn more and request additional information from Box.
    • You can also contact your MobileIron Account Executive or Sales Engineer to learn more.
  • If you already have a Box integration with MobileIron
    • Then continue on reading below to learn about the changes.

For those who already have a Box and MobileIron integration
This content is designed to give you the information to understand the new application launched by Box and how it integrates with MobileIron.  As always, if you have questions reach out to your MobileIron Account Executive or Sales Engineer and they will help you out.  If you don’t have a contact then you can reach out to me and I will point you in the right direction.

What has changed?

In the past Box created an app specifically for integrating MobileIron.  The application is called Box for ME and worked on both iOS and Android.

As of this blog post; Box is releasing an app called Box for EMMBox for EMM works for iOS and changes how Box integrates technically with MobileIron.

Understanding Box for EMM


Recommended app: Box for EMM
Configuration Guide: Box for EMM Customer Configuration

As of this post Box for EMM is available for distribution to a company utilizing MobileIron.

The setup of Box for EMM covers both situations where the app is downloaded from the MobileIron Enterprise App Store and the iOS App Store.   If downloaded from iOS App Store then access will be denied because MobileIron is not properly managing the application. If Box for EMM is downloaded from the MobileIron Enterprise App Store then the user will be able to login successfully. See the configuration guide for more information.

Support of Box for ME

Box and MobileIron continue to support Box for ME on iOS for the near future.  Overtime we will provide a Box for ME on iOS support deprecation plan.  If you already have Box for ME on iOS then you can utilize this plan to help you transition to Box for EMM.


Recommended app: Box for ME

Box for ME remains the recommended app for Android. This will continue to give the most secure setup and allow management of Box for ME on an Android device.  There are no changes when it comes to Box for ME on Android. For more information reach out to your Box or Mobileiron rep.

Using Box with Docs@Work

In the use case where your organization supports multiple data repositories then our recommended approach is to use Box within Docs@Work.  This will enable uses to have one tool to access Box and other repositories.  For more information reach out to your Mobileiron rep.

Final recommendation

To reduce confusion Box and MobileIron recommend you setup your MobileIron Core to automatically install Box for EMM.  This will streamline distribution and reduce potential confusion resulting in higher user adoption and productivity while reducing support calls.

Pearce Aurigemma

Senior Business Development Manager at MobileIron

About the author

Pearce Aurigemma is a Senior Business Development Manager at MobileIron. He drives strategy for partnership programs. Prior to MobileIron, Pearce worked for Intuit as a partner evangelist and Adobe as a Software Engineering Consultant. Pearce was a pioneer in Social Media analytics and holds 3 patents.  Pearce has a BA in Computer Science and a BA in Psychology from Boston University.