Blackberry DTEK 50 and Split View Mode for Google Docs and Sheets

Courtesy of The Register

You Asked, Google Listened

Google announced Wednesday that they had added a new feature to their apps, Google Docs and Google Sheets, on iOS: Split View. Now, 9.7 inch or 12.9 inch iPad Pro users will be able to work on Docs or Sheets side by side in Split View mode. The feature is currently only available for iOS 9 users and will also be available with iOS 10 when it is released approximately in the fall. Visit VentureBeat for more information.

Blackberry DTEK 50 Release Announced for August 15

Blackberry releases its first Android phone, the DTEK 50 on August 15. The mobile device has been described as the “most secure Android.” Of the security features include in the DTEK 50 are a unique ID, verified boot, a hardened, kernel, full-disk encryption, and a guarantee of zero-day patching and monthly security updates. Details on the DTEK 50 can be found on The Register.

Mobile Wallets Continue to Be on the Rise

CVS is now providing customers CVS Pay, a mobile wallet included in the CVS Pharmacy app. The app allows customers to pick up prescriptions, make payments, and access their ExtraCare loyalty program. The app is currently live in some Mid-Atlantic stores, and CVS anticipates the app will be national by December 2016.

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