Aruba uses latest MobileIron API to deliver joint customers intelligent access control for all endpoints

With tens of millions of mobile endpoints now accessing business data within the enterprise, mobile devices must be considered first-class citizens on the network. For the last four years, MobileIron has combined forces with Aruba to help IT Security and Networking departments extend security and networking policies to mobile endpoints. Leveraging MobileIron’s UEM platform APIs, Aruba ClearPass can enforce policy and access control based on a variety of attributes including device and management state, application catalog, or device ownership. This integration provides ClearPass with additional device context to make improved enforcement decisions.

Globally, our joint customers have used this integration to create smarter and more transparent  security and compliance operations. For example, with Aruba and MobileIron, the canton of Basel-Landschaft employees and guests can easily and securely access the network with mobile devices across several work campuses at any time.

Introducing MobileIron Common Platform Services

This month, Aruba ClearPass released support for MobileIron’s recent update to our Platform API, Common Platform Services. This update included important improvements for developers and customers to simplify both integration and service delivery.

  1. The API provides interface to both MobileIron Core and Cloud UEM solutions  – so developers only have to write once to access desired attribute information.

  2. The API is supported by a notifications engine so developers no longer have to depend on the overhead of polling to make sure they have the latest information. They receive event notifications within seconds of a change in attribute status.

  3. MobileIron responses are standardized across core and cloud for ease of implementation into the ISVs systems.

Streamlined security with Access Control and UEM integration more relevant than ever

Based on the MobileIron web services API, Aruba ClearPass retrieves this mobility rich-context as either queries or real-time events from MobileIron Cloud and Common Platform Services in oder to build rich endpoint profiles and intelligent, context-aware access control policies. When a device compliance event occurs, ClearPass retrieves the context and applies the relevant policy in order to take the appropriate enforcement action.  

MobileIron and ClearPass customers benefit from the joint integration with improved visibility into mobile endpoints, including context-rich endpoint profiles and policies, as well as real-time security posture updates from MobileIron Cloud. With these capabilities, customers enable dynamic access control decisions in real-time,  based on changes to device status.

More Information

For more information about the MobileIron and Aruba integration, you can also visit the Aruba ClearPass listing on the MobileIron Marketplace. In the resources section, you can review the Integration Setup Guide to learn more.

And, as always you can contact us at  We’d love to hear from you!

Kurt Westphal 

Partner Solutions Architect at MobileIron

About the author

Kurt Westphal is a partner solutions architect in the Technology Alliance team working with our client-side and server-side partners, building best of class integrations with MobileIron technologies, platforms, and frameworks. Kurt developed major eCommerce mobile applications and supporting web services for Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Western Union.