Aruba Atmosphere 2015 Conference and Recap

The Aruba Atmosphere Conference 2015 was a fantastic show last week in Las Vegas. Highlights included the announcement that HP is acquiring Aruba Networks, and the finale which included a Dana Carvey comedy show that highlighted many of his many celebrity impressions. Most importantly, Aruba highlighted their new features, offerings, and integrations. 

ClearPass continues to be an important part of many Aruba Wi-Fi deployments by using it's adaptive trust to provide strong network security and access control. As security threats have evolved, mobile network threats can bypass legacy perimeter defenses that are not mobile aware. Traditional wired-based security controls lack the ability to identify ubiquitous mobile devices or adapt to security postures of mobile devices. The building blocks of Adaptive Trust hinge on context. MobileIron provides mobile security posture information to ClearPass and allow it to make decisions regarding network access to enterprise networks and data. This ranges from identifying approved devices that have fallen out of compliance (e.g. jailbroken) to new devices by providing portal re-directs for on-boarding those devices.

We'll be conducting a webinar next week with Aruba Networks "Mobile Network Security - Threats & Countermeasures" where we will dive deeper into the integration. To attend please sign-up here.

Mitigating risks

Aruba also highlighted their Location Services with Aruba Beacons. This leverages bluetooth to identify nearby devices and electively allow users to use a mobile-enabled app to provide enhanced retail experiences, hospital way-finding (allow a patient or family member to find their way around the hospital campus), and other use-cases in airports, hospitality, and more. Known as the Aruba Mobile Engagement solution, this allows location-aware services using context from Aruba ClearPass, Aruba Wi-Fi, and Aruba Meridian-enabled mobile apps with bluetooth. 

MobileIron values Aruba Network as one of our most important partners and we continue to work with Aruba to provide additional security enhancements and value for our customer mobile deployments. 

Michael T. Raggo