Apple Support App and Android Things IoT Platform

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New IoT Platform, Android Things, Launches First Developer Preview

Earlier this week, Google announced Android Things, the new IoT platform for smart devices that leverage Android APIs and Google services. Google is partnering with hardware manufacturers to offer solutions based on Intel Edison, Raspberry Pi 3, and more. Moreover, the tech giant will enable OS updates and security fixes to be pushed to these devices. The developer preview is available on Android’s Developer website.

Apple’s New Support App Makes its US Debut

Apple has now debuted its standalone hardware and software support app in the US app store, after offering it in Netherlands after a month. With the app comes customer personalization via iCloud integration, service history, live chat options, and more. Users describe the new Apple Support app to be like an iOS port of the support website. Along with the ability to schedule appointments at your local store, there is technical documentation provided to users based on the devices that are associated with their iCloud account. You can download the app here.

US Certification Agency Begins Probing Voting Machines for Potential Hack

The US agency, EAC, in charge of ensuring voting machines are in compliance announce that security standards may not have been met. The EAC released a statement saying, “EAC has become aware of a potential intrusion into an EAC web-facing application.

The EAC is currently working with Federal law enforcement agencies to investigate the potential breach and its effects.” It appears that there could be more than 100 potentially hacked access credentials, some belonging to those in administration. More on The Register.

Switching from iOS to Android? No Problem

Google has introduced a new feature in Google Drive on iOS that will make the process of switching from iOS to Android much easier. Now, iOS users will have the ability to back up their contacts, calendar, camera roll, storage into Google Drive instantly. Instructions on how to do so can be found on The Next Web.

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