Apple ATS Extension and Google’s Flagship Smartphone

Courtesy of ArsTechnica

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Apple’s App Transport Security Extension Deadline Extended

At WWDC 2016, Apple announced that it would become a requirement that all iOS and OS X apps in the Apple app store contain App Transport Security by December 31st, 2016. ATS was expected to enforce industry-standard security and privacy for data accessed on iOS and OS devices. Apple has extended the deadline to give developers more time to implement ATS. In an effort to protect users’ privacy, Apple is pushing its app ecosystem to adhere to stronger security tech to address the gap between apps and backend servers. More on The Register.

Google Confirms Smartwatches are to Come

Google has confirmed it will “produce its first ‘flagship’ Android wear device,” ArsTechnica reports. Android Wear Product Manager Jeff Chang confirmed, during his interview with The Verge that Google is working on a couple of smartwatches in house. Chang also reported that Google will not be using the “Pixel” branding as it did with the smartphone. It is expected that Google’s release of Android 2.0 (with the new device) will also work on iOS devices.

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